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Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pol Pot Policies Sold To Brussels.

It Can Only Get Ever Worse, More Sinister And More Obscene.

It is a strange fact of human existence that very often ugly people have ugly intentions and dogmatic intolerance for all those who would be free. Certainly the best "spin" we can put on such people, nearly always of the delusional left, hand wringing fraternity or sisterhood, is that the "road to hell is always paved with good intentions." Baby P's Shoesmith another perfect example of the modern ability to shrug off all responsibility when the killing fields, pogroms and genocidal evil is implemented. 

This is of which I allude. The woman above but one member of an organisation with ready access to supplying our EUSSR masters with excuses for starting down a route known so very well, historically. One whereby, if no activity can be identified to smite those less acceptable to the demagogues, the necessary measures to frame them can be found by some means or other. The link is a longish piece but worth every golden second spent reading it. Here is an example;

"Even worse, if enshrined as EU policy, such language also could lead to the possibility that charges are brought on unclear or even without legal grounds. The chilling result of this would be the dramatic diminution (and possible disappearance) of the fundamental freedom of expression -- individuals and groups would censor themselves, afraid that they might be prosecuted for expressing their own personal moral views," the NGO argues in a statement.”

I know full well the thousands of laws and directives our erstwhile puppet Government and Whitehall traitors embrace, each moment of every day, with a passionate desire to become a senior EUSSR panjandrum and wealthy untouchable. Any sacrifices remembered on the 11th of November are of nothing to those already guilty of so much unedifying and mendacious treason. 

The infrastructure, laws and conspiracies are long completed. Such actions as outlined in this post are just the final instruments these ghastly people seek to justify the orders they will continue to obey and which will give them the kind of power exercised by their predecessors such as those of the Third Reich and that careless  brutality. It is little wonder Stalin let loose his surviving armies as he did. 

What is sad is those who suffered Stalin's wrath, many deservedly,  are now looking to emulate the evil done by all sides. As always the way with the left, winning the argument justifies the genocidal methods employed. How long those of us trying to warn others of what's happening, before we are marched away as being intolerant of the draconian, Orwellian future, is anybody's guess. 

When this "intolerance" package is adopted, as it will be, then blogging will be one of the first casualties, along with truth, as the inevitable, EUSSR wide wars erupt. If you do nothing else, tremble at the content of that link as never before. That is if you have the intelligence to love freedom over enslavement.

You have to ask how Vilma and her late Hubby got to be so pally with he EUSSR gang. Skilled, no doubt, in getting what she feels she should. Plus pursuing multi cultural goals! Furthermore it would appear that the division of Macedonian territories might well have been the policy of the EUSSR, in their pursuit of a Federal and far reaching EUSSR. Seems to have been fortuitous all round when that plane crash happened. That is unless Vilma gets to become top dog in her home Country.

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