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Sunday, 13 October 2013

Oh So Dreadfully Cosy.

Rug Head or Astro Turf?

Neil is the subject of the title and Flabbot in the mix as seemingly his new best pal. Despite prior attacks on this soon to be Damed creature, no doubt, on a brief glance at the Sunday politics "show" for show offs, Neil smarmingly promoted her London Mayoral ambitions and offered her a nice little earner back on his fiefdom weekly "This Week" cosy drinking club, down at the good old BBC largesse rooms.

What a ghastly bunch this lot are, this London Chatterati set, shakers and movers of the Socialist BBC machine. Notwithstanding the years of predatory sexual abuse of young women and the paedophile nurturing within its protected but less than hallowed halls, still the same old cronies promote and pursue their disgusting agendas.

Still, I suppose if, as these people like Neil do, spend their lives in the cess pits of nepotistic and evil pursuits that are today's political scene and punditry nastiness, its little wonder they seek to prolong their status with face lifts, hair transplants and the like. I can, however assure Andrew Neil that a head of astro turf material does little to disguise the ugliness of a face so smug we could, as we did with Geoff Hoon's name, use his handle to describe others as having an egotistical narcissism, as being a right "Andrew Neil.". Or perhaps just stay with calling Neil a real Hoon and then some.


  1. Yes I agree OR. I saw this interview too and was nauseated by his sycophancy. I can't stand this hypocritical woman and what's more we have to pay for it with the TV tax, it's absolutely appalling.
    I must admit though that I very much enjoyed the end poll result on the previous programme regarding the EDL's existence. 95% thought they were right and were saying what people think. :)

  2. I'll take your summary of this piece of propaganda from the state broadcaster as read.

    Not putting meself through it, telly's only 6 months old and costapacket so i'm avoiding all temptation to brick the thing.

    That labour twerp abbott gives me the willies, she talks such utter garbage, Neil's just backing all possible horses for the forthcoming electoral disaster....same crooks as before could be blueish or slightly pink no difference.

    Define lunacy....elect the same spivs and wide boys time and again over a 30 year period and expect a different end result each time.

    I admire your courage Rightie, blowed if i've got the wherewithall to stomach these people, the channel of the state broadcaster seldom gets aired in Judd Towers, nor will it ever.