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Monday, 21 October 2013

Modern World Of Con Tricks.

All Our Governing And Corporate Con Artists.

It is becoming virtually impossible to listen to a news bulletin or watch an advertising slot without realising how everything about our lives is now a confidence trick designed to extract from us what little we may laughingly call our own. On musing this fact I thought I would offer a few observations.

Firstly this question of energy costs. We are sitting on unimaginable tons of coal, gas, oil and yet to be discovered fossil fuel possibilities, in the UK. Much to the envy, covetousness and chagrin of The EUSSR. However the confidence trick of man made global warming, discredited so completely, has fuelled (pun deliberate) the idiots who govern into seeing untold personal wealth, draconian new tax revenues and cosy corporate relationships.

There can be little doubt that this Country could have had a balanced mix of nuclear, renewable and fossil fuelled abundant and relatively inexpensive, home grown energy production. Only weak, incompetent and neglectful successive government failure has brought about the crisis for most of us in energy costs likely to never stop rising. 

Of course the handful of tax payer funded politicians, senior civil servants and their wealthy corporate friends will just pay themselves whatever is required to keep them in shirt sleeve order through the coldest, deepest of winters. That's just one area in which con tricking reigns supreme. Or to give it it's modern title, public relations. It's no coincidence that one of the masters of such deceit is presently PM, albeit by default.

Then there are the subtle incidences of tax revenue theft by stealth. VAT levied on fuel duty charges. Road fun licence tax used for anything but decent roads and safer traffic environments. Eric Pickles claimed last weekend that it is unlawful to raise tax income through fines. We all know it's done, of course, with the tactical use of speed traps and mobile cameras and a raft of new laws and associated spot fines.

Note the immigration discussions right now. All wind and piss. There is no intention of curbing this flood of migrants foisted on us by The EUSSR. Here the deliberate desire to force any sense of belonging and National pride off the table, because it doesn't suit the Common Purpose agenda is full of trickery. As is most of anything related to The EU and University dedicated to fraud and PR brainwashing.

There is Labour's perceived dedication to The NHS. Now that's some chutzpah. A veritable tsunami of con tricking. A sleight of hand every bit as "weapons of mass destruction" was by that shyster and BBC luvvie, Alistair Campbell. Both instances have cost lives and or maimed many thousands of we "cannon fodder" citizens. Tricked and deceived in every corner of our lives.

As for 99% per cent of the tame media. Without their collusion much of this criminal deception, by all and sundry in power, could not be so shamelessly prosecuted. As it is whistle blowers are still treated with contempt, whenever care home neglect or other Government/Corporate failing is briefly exposed. 

Bear in mind I haven't touched on supermarket tricks and fiddles, wherein "offers" when scrutinised often turn out to be anything but a good deal. Wine's at half price often still more expensive than their quality deserves. Then there are the price fiddles where items sold in pairs are seemingly less expensive than single jars or pots. The odd and less gullible, few remaining educated shoppers can spot this trickery. The majority of socialist educational detritus, leaving school after the late 1960s failed comprehensive nonsense, haven't a chance.

Those same illiterate and innumerate hordes are also unable to spot the socialist siren calls, either. Like Milibad's energy price freeze. Nought but a stunt to fool the ignorant product of their core, desensitised ill educated drones. Now surely the ease with which Labour still appears to garner support must rest with their education policy of dumbing down generations of people to make them salivate at the thought of an all consuming, beneficent State and a lifetime of self gratification on benefits.

I'll leave you with one last thought. Election manifestos could be regarded as the Bibles and Korans of con trickery and deception. Tax breaks for married couples, still not here, a cast iron EU referendum no longer mentioned except with yet more vague and non-intended pronouncements some time never. 

Care home provision for the elderly another sidestep in order to retain that dreadful punishment of the thrifty and the careful in order to bale out the depleted coffers of useless Government. Yet another piece of taxation in all but name and a disgraceful extraction of lifetimes of careful and cautious living. 

What these con merchants fail to consider is that once those presently 55 years old or younger reach their dotage, there will be no more wealthy home owners left to rob! Then where do we turn for someone to fiddle and con? I suspect mass unrest and possible wars will be the only final sleight of hand left Common Purpose to pull.


  1. How about we remove our consent. It's becoming all thats left, other than revolution, I no longer want to be controlled. Feeling robbed just because I never say no.

  2. Well Rightie, i have to say that short period whilst you had a full service and refurb has paid off.

    This and other recent posts have been the sort of thing the great brainwashed poor bloody electorate should be made to read, the truth and nothing but the truth from someone who isn't paid to destroy whats left of this country from within.

    Keep it up chap.



  3. Judd, you are a kind and generous supporter. Thank you most warmly.