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Sunday, 6 October 2013

Let's have A Go.

A Post At Last!

One of my abiding aspects of human influence on nature and the planet has and remains that we are not as important as we care, or at least the rich and powerful wish, to believe. During my absence I have mused at length on the happenings and political dross spilling and spewing forth on our various ways of gaining news and information.

I noted the blandness and lack of purpose shown in the Party conferences, albeit the establishment's united fear and therefore conjoined efforts to slag off UKIP and anything remotely smacking of right wing common sense thinking. I was appalled at the lack of mass immigration's overwhelming of our infrastructure and health services complete absence of debate. By the same token the swarms of Romanian and Bulgarian hordes due in January, swelled by the African and Middle Eastern masses, desperate to grab a share of the few crumbs left of the British economy and welfare largesse was also quietly ignored by the very people instrumental in this ghastly give away of our dwindling resources.

As for Labour's whispered apologies for the mess they engineered, over decades of economic incompetence and ideological destruction of any semblance of educational blessing, coupled with scandalous suppression of  their many failings, typified by Burnham's exposure and Milibad's Marxist dinosaur of a Dad, the only real shock is the abject failure of the electorate to realise when they are being shafted royally! Still, struggle to rebuild a nuclear imploded economy and sacrifice hours of worry and anxiety only to place back in power the gerrymandering crooks in Labour and the Trade Union EUSSR storm troopers, do we deserve to be successful as a Nation? I guess not.

However I refuse to be cowed. My personal need for serious and scary surgery has been met with efficient compassion and truly dedicated professionalism. This glorious summer lingers and for all the war, hatred and Islamic brutality we still are able to cling to beauty and a world more important than any political corruption and corporate greed. If this world is to be lost it almost certainly will not be down to  the puny arrogance of mankind. 

My friend Demetrius rather highlights how stupid the warmists and AGW pillocks' attitudes are and so wide of the reality of our insignificance. Should these volcanic events happen, as recently seen in Iceland and still a major threat, should the navel gazing the concern about abstract possibilities, garnered with self interested political and financial hubris, be so prominent? Almost certainly not.

Of more relevant consideration should be the continued nuclear testing programmes and high explosive detonations of constant warfare. As we insist on the daily extravagant use of car bombs and artillery exchanges, should we not stop for a moment to determine the effect on geological structures beneath our feet? Certainly oil extraction and fracking activity pales into minor consideration when measured against the violence of warfare and ridiculous conflict.

For my money Nature will have the final say on our destiny as a creature on this Earth. I hope it will be a very long time in the future but whenever it might be, we will be helpless and powerless, as the trappings of wealth are consumed in some terrible and literally earth shattering catastrophe! We would do well to count our blessings rather more than we tend to do in this turbulent age of overpopulated existence!


  1. Well said, OR. Amidst all the grime of current political sewerage we need to make time to appreciate the beauty of what's around us - it's still worth fighting for. Welcome back :)

  2. Welcome back to the front line Rightie and both barrels firing, good man yerself.

    Couldn't agree more, the apathy from the vast majority of the passengers on this Titanic as its steams at full speed to the inevitable crash is nothing short of staggering.

    I fear this country, certainly as i have known and loved it is all but lost, eventually when its past all chance of recovery those who helped cause it will wake up and realise their own part in its destruction, breath not held.

    I have a feeling Nature despite all the tricks in book to continue the massive unsustainable increases in human numbers will, in her own devastating way, show them all that when she says Enough, she means it.



  3. Welcome back. You have been missed. Hope your recovery continues apace.