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Wednesday, 23 October 2013

Is McCluskey A Snotty Clone?

Well He Is Milibad's Latest Puppet Master.

Unite strike again! Trade Unionism is adept in the UK at taking anything that might be profitable and turning it to a pile of excrement. In today's world their main activity is in meddling deeply with the employment and employees throughout the Public Services.

However when there are the odd areas where global wage competition is a factor, their presence, designed to dupe British workers into believing they're more entitled to jobs than anywhere else in the world, is often in full view. Not least in their talent for destroying British jobs! It really is difficult not to watch these idiotic, Commie dinosaurs and wonder at their prowess in gaining undeserved Office and power. Just as our Gordo Nose Picker did.

In my now almost seven decades I have never come across one socialist, not one, I could ever take seriously as having a brain cell, let alone an intellect. Faced with ancient and modern history to draw on, socialists do that most stupid of things. They constantly pursue the same old, same old courses of action expecting a different outcome every time. So with Grangemouth. Intransigent and ignorant stubbornness, born, as ever, from the chip on the shoulder politics of envy, goes too far.

I suspect their next target will be JLR. They've already had one recent dig. One which in the link points a finger at too cosy a relationship, at times, between corporate relationships and Unite. Something not apparent at Grangemouth. Yet which also indicates how there might well be times when the Union Barons' rise to riches has more than just union dues and subscriptions to explain luxury Dorchester suites and Savoy lunches, on a regular basis. None so corruptible as The Red Flag singers.

Note this lot ran the place for most of my life! Still, it is funny!


  1. And in broad daylight!

  2. Their musicality reflects their other incompetences!

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