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Sunday, 20 October 2013

Ironic Timing.

Today's Media Fest Wails At The Immigration Failings.

My "we told you so" post of yesterday was timed, quite unwittingly, with a mass of media outpouring today. Not, naturally, on the BBC Paedophile outlets. However the passion for the Left and their State Broadcaster to suppress the resentment, growing steadily, is getting ever more entertaining. Not least when their EUSSR bribery, to toe the Commissar line, is also publicised in the Telegraph today. Exposure of their blatant corruption is getting ever more damaging for the Beeb chatterati. Some uncomfortable probing from Westminster is also slated for next week. Mark Thompson just might lose his big salary out of it with any luck. 

There remains a dedicated "industry" led from our Masters in Brussels, to continue the swamping of these small Islands with the next rush of less than welcome itinerants from Romania and Bulgaria, come January. Now despite sufficient hot air from Government and Opposition to negate any other renewable energy sources, as ever, nothing will not can be done.

All Camoron's faithful troops, aided and abetted by Milbad and Clegg The Impaler, have to offer is more and more platitudinous clap trap. Action, if ever any might be forthcoming, just could happen if legislation were passed in Brussels that all future Eastern European migration must be housed and corralled in or very close to, Stow On The Wold. I don'y mean the select band of nannies and menservants, labourers and odd job cap doffers, either. Say circa one million dropped smack bang centre in the rich and smug centres beloved of Government benches on all sides. 

It would be joyous to see those places turned overnight into the kind of filthy slums these so called leaders and wealthy hierarchical deem their sacred pastures. Fields turned into mud and littered  with faeces, old fridges and flea infested mattresses. After all, aren't we all in this together? As if. 

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