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Monday, 14 October 2013


I Make No Comment.

Most media  hype follows the drama and tragedy befallen the parents, with little mention of the original catalyst for the little girl's disappearance. This aspect of the matter has dominated the McCann's' pursuit of attention almost to the point of Madeleine's disappearance as secondary to their own publicity machine and apparent attraction of funding and potential libel income from Portugal.

I make no potentially contentious judgement and just hope my adherence to what is publicly known suffices to allow a platform for discussion, such as this contrary one, as to this high profile and by modern standards, long, drawn out saga. Of one thing I'm certain, the little girl will never be found. She is almost certainly long gone and the Lord Lucan spectre of an unsolved missing person, who will never be found or their case solved, is the only future possibility. 

That is unless the McCann's do know more than hitherto claimed and one day will suffer a powerful need to say much more than they have ever chosen to do so to date. Certainly a deeper understanding of their life together might be fruitful. That and why pictures of Madeleine  show such sadness and wistfulness in one so young.

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