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Sunday, 27 October 2013

Guardian And The BBC.

Two Cheeks Of A Hypocrites Backside!

The BBC and The Guardian are so archetypical of all that is abhorrent about socialism and their intellectual pygmy minds. Last week they salivated over attacking the philosophy of free schools seemingly failing and inherently corrupt. No mention of the decades of their useless comprehensive failure in the dogmatic imposition of comprehensive schooling. What they failed to mention, naturally because it is but another aspect of their other grotesque imposition on us all, was mass, multi-cultural immigration. The introduction of which has and continues to import an underclass of gangsters, tribal strife and wholesale misery.

That misery very much endemic in the brutality of people trafficking, sex slavery, forced marriages and female genital mutilation, to name but a handful of this imported socialist, Utopian nightmare. Note I didn't choose to mention, at this stage, the rape and torture of young, vulnerable white girls in an orgy of misogynistic, horrendous racism.

Back to the attack on free school freedom of choice. Nepotism is not really freedom!  Read the first link and then the second, below. Seemingly two unrelated stories. One discussing the corrupt embezzlement of private and government multi-million pound funding to provide a particular family and Asian Mafia's life style. One contemptuous of the host Nation's generosity and tolerance.

Our beloved London leftie cretinous and cringe worthy selective memory socialists gave us a report on the failure of a free school's operation and trumpeted it as a failure of the Government flag ship policy! Utter contempt for all of us fully aware of the actual story and its total separation from anything other than a cultural desire to steal from anyone they can.

An identical behaviour as to be found in Delhi or anywhere else in the slums and deprived areas of so many downtrodden countries, also lauded by the socialists as somehow superior to those Western societies so privileged in recent years. The fact that those Western nations have strived, worked and in the main carried most of its citizens into more comfortable lives, deserved or otherwise, escapes our socialist control freaks. Their sickening and ghastly ability to distort anything not of their choosing was so evident in this free school reporting. Funny if were not so tragic for the future of our Country.

Read and weep at the distortion!

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