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Thursday, 10 October 2013

Energetic Incompetence.

Energetic Profiteering.

If ever there was an image more appropriate to encapsulate the breathtaking stupidity of post war UK political inadequacy, its the one above. Add to the catalogue of crass and mendacious utterances, over decades, which have emanated from the Al Gore, The EU and their puppets in Whitehall and Westminster, surrounding the ghastly myth of global warming and we begin to see a pattern emerge.

That pattern is to create an elite so untouchable they can create a climate of fear with a droning litany of State broadcasting propaganda, designed, successfully, to dupe whole populations. Fallon, this very morning, spouted that the green levy on our energy costs was 4% but was then forced to admit it was nearer 10%. The litany was straight out of the Ed Milibad lexicon written by Brussels for his tenure in the Ministry of Untruth that is energy policy.

The Major Government, subsumed by that grinning moron, Bliar and then mad as a box of frogs, Snotty and his still in situ sycophants, Ball and Red Ed, all failed miserably to head off this ever worsening cost of energy and slavish adherence to their masters in Brussels. 

Worse still is the ineffectual and disgusting weakness to look after the UK first. Read and weep  as The EUSSR seek, under who knows what self interested lobbying, to strangle our one last hope of reasonable energy at birth. Or rather whilst it's still in the womb.

I suspect the powerful major UK suppliers of energy are glad about this piece of nastiness levied on top of their exorbitant greed. Naturally most of the big players are not UK Companies. Not least EDF, a major influence in which is Snotty's very own brother! Plus past donors to both main parties!

Like a piece of mint, if we were to pull for long enough the cost of our energy supplies would unravel to reveal very unpleasant matters of cronyism, sleaze and greed at a very wide ranging level. Are we at this point out of sheer, pathetic, imbecilic failings at the highest echelon of political machinations or a deliberate and cosy cartel of self interest and manipulation?

For my money it's a combination of both. A shortage of supply wrought by the destruction of perfectly good power stations and plentiful supply of coal has been allowed in order to fuel (pun intended) the green fingered interest of multi millionaire Al Gore and even our own squeaky clean big player, Huhne. To name but two of many coining great personal wealth and secure personal supplies of energy regardless of cost.

Finally, what is even more galling is that no matter what price we are forced to cough up for the elitist beneficiaries of all this profiteering, they still are softening us all up for power outages. Sadly the additional recipients of all this will be those who colluded in the likely outcomes over 13 years of planning their scorched earth policy for this current decade. 

Still, when 30 odd million are taxed to the hilt to guarantee your career and ability to pay any price to keep warm, why should these cretins worry. Me, I'd send them down newly dug coal mines to supply us all with fuel for newly commissioned power stations. Surely a better option than anything they will offer the old and frail, disadvantaged and cold. Bar-stewards, every jackass one of them, strutting their Westminster coop and gloating at their favoured status.


  1. And the sugar on top? When we've all been fitted with 'smart' meters 'load shedding' can be done on an individual basis.
    That means that, when the power is on ration, rather than blackout, say, the whole of Islington all but the 'priority' loads can be dropped.
    "Am I on the priority list?" "Yes Minister!".

  2. This lot has been coming now for two decades and was in the thinkers list of possible problems before then. This is because we use more and more energy while diminishing the reserves and resources of that available. Quite how the big brains of government managed to make so many avoidable mistakes is a wonder in itself.

  3. Great to have you back, OR. Missed your special view of our daily reality.