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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Edukashun, Edukashun, Edukashun.

Political Mendacity Rules, OK?

Comprehensive education, as beloved of the Left and their deluded belief in "equality" has comprehensively failed. As with most of the ills afflicting the UK, today's shock horror evidence of how bad things have become was predicted by many for decades. Well before the lunacy of mass immigration by Labour, for perceived electoral gain and the gleeful desire to wreck the hard fought excellence of the right tending middle classes, was gerrymandered.

That the woeful state of affairs created is reversible is very doubtful. As we tumble headlong into a third world status of poverty, in both economic and educational areas, the terrible overwhelming tide of poor quality migrant hordes will continue apace. After all, how many successful and wealthy individuals choose to migrate elsewhere, if their status at home is idyllic?

We can add to our woes and political famine of competency, on all sides, further assailed by that of the EUSSR Commissars, the ghettoes of a myriad of at odds cultures, tribal animosities and Islamic mad philosophy. Plus the unholy mix of the religious misogyny, paedophile, sharia law backed abuse of young children and that ghastly practice of female genital mutilation. Then we must query as to when does education get a look in?

Since the early 1960s the use of immigration, as a weapon by the Establishment, has been an unforgivable and constant treachery. That capital punishment was abolished and selfish ends made sacrosanct, accountability sacrificed in the pursuit of greed and the fervent pursuit of self satiation, the political ruling classes and the militant, seething ignorance of the Left and their Trade Union Gestapo, have united in the presiding over of a modern Sodom and Gomorrah. All excesses of immorality tolerated without a whiff of accountability or apology.

It would seem that in order to dilute dissent, which might arise from decent learning and educational excellence, social mobility via education became a deliberate target to address and ensure failure of. How else can we look at the wreckage of a once first class, grammar school led, system? How else are we to judge the political classes patent collusion in creating and furthering the ongoing status of ever larger migrant masses from all over the most deprived and therefore passionate, economic migrant nomadic origins. Eastern Europe but one of many such blocs.

Naturally the guilty perpetrators, mostly of the Left chattering classes from the well heeled Hampstead and Muswell Hill enclaves, of privileged bleeding hearts, still push the myth of multicultural excellence. Not for these idiots the reality of sex trafficking, slavery and the poverty ridden slums that they have helped so readily create. Places devoid of even the once proud and unifying nature of similar and familiar culture.

How on God's earth do we expect kids from these manufactured, displaced, newly created slums, to have a good education? Their peers are the drug pushers, gang related thug and knife wielding, disaffected potential new rulers of a Mad Max, ever possible reality, for the future. Powerful and immoral thugs rule the roost of many inner city no go areas. 

Daily such people overwhelm Accident and Emergency centres, threatening violence in exchange for preferential treatment. If schools are not also under mob rule and fear then the Islamic, dictatorial Mullahs dictate who and when are to be beneficiaries of the educational purse. Not for these people democratic socialism and equality. Only their ignorant pursuit of violence and the terror of their host nations, matters to these people.

So weep for what's left of a few good schools. Mostly well away from city centres and the malignancy mass immigration has spawned. For as this wave of tsunami population overload bursts out of the major conurbations, even the stockbroker belts will feel the decline and fall of their last bastions of decency and privilege. Then only those responsible for this awfulness will remain aloof, rich and powerful. Mostly will, by then, be residing in more peaceful centres of luxurious excellence, throughout Europe. Anywhere but the ravaged and lawless wastelands and education light British Isles. Inevitable, I suppose.


  1. Eventually the tide will even creep over the very hallowed ground those responsible for this have set aside for themselves...don't see too many itinerant camps in Sunningdale or Ascot, nor vast estates of social housing (how quaint) in Gerrards Cross.

    They will have to leave these shores in time to escape what they started, no doubt a certain Blair creatures progeny won't be rubbing shoulders with the flotsam and jetsom washed up on the dung heaps here.

    Unless those who live in such exalted places are prepared to live as hermits within their walled estates they will find the cancer they started will not be content with sink estates and inner cities, eventually even their privelidged comfort will succumb.

    The only good thing about all this is that those who were stupid or buyable enough to vote with glee for their own destructions will feature among those to suffer it first, indeed no doubt they already are.


    There are vast numbers of decent people who have escaped inner city hell, the so called white flight living out their declining years in quiet rural areas thankful for the desirability to some of the city homes they left behind being valuable enough to fund their retirements in their Jerusalem, good luck to them too.

    But there are far more of the poor trapped there, old people young people the less able bodied the less well off who for many reasons didn't buy their own homes, left abandoned to the tender mercies of the groups you mention and their legion of followers.

    There but for the grace of God go i.



  2. Judd.

    I see it too. The chavs not far from where I live are starting to feel it already. Tensions are beginning to rise as jobs, education and benefits seem to be going elsewhere.

    Real, or perceived grievances are showing. Only a repressive state and X-Factor help keep a lid on it.

    I fear post 2014. The Roma have been here for a while but, they will be able to access all our services. The only way to save the country is to put an end to the welfare state. That's going to take a lot of balls to do that.

    Basically, were fked.

    But rest assured. Those now coming to these shores won't be singing, God Save Our Queen/King.

    As they sow, so in time they shall reap.