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Saturday, 12 October 2013

Deluded But Rich.

Career Politician's Untouchable Lives. 

Schauble and the rest of the ghastly EUSSR and State politicians won't be swapping places with the likes of this sad individual above any time soon. Thus the drivel and gross inability to understand the reality of their incompetence, greed and delusion continues unabated.

I touched on this yesterday and lo and behold evidence explodes on the scene everywhere but in the thick skulls of the perpetrators of so much calamity and their banker and gangster pals' beneficiary status from all the fraudster driven chaos. Sure the poor are always with us. What is alarming is the manner in which their existence is swollen by the actions of those supposedly charged with creating a better society.

Even more remarkable is the mess Europe and The USA has become is down to the stubborn efforts of the left to force the ridiculous notion we are all equal. This pathetic dogma has been so ingrained in the West's political football matches as to have given us several decades of flying in the face of self evident fact. The results are there for all to see but not understand as far as the left is concerend..

What is ironic is that a world led by the intelligent and the brightest is far more likely to find the ability to nurture the less fortunate and be fairer in balancing the moral mazes of human existence. As it is, the thickest left wing and trade Union types have held sway. Bullies and cunning manipulators using nastiness and dogma as replacements for real intelligence and character.

That same attitude has led such movements as the green, warmist propagandists.As it has the rise of a mediocrity led EUSSR and its legion of grey, dull and socialist morons. So bear in mind that anything emanating from our ruling classes is probably rubbish dressed as fine couture, dining and let them eat cake thinking.

Any doubts anyone might harbour as to the efficacy of my offerings just think on those in The UK alone who every weekend connive to dominate us all. Behind the scenes The Boy Camoron, Clegg the Useless and Milibad, the progeny of a Brit hater, are often busy with secret meetings as to how best deliver what's left of the UK to their mates in Brussels and Berlin.two World wars and all those deaths to reach this point.Very, very sad.

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  1. It seems that Clegg thinks that one of the four key reasons to stay in the EU is the ability to pop over to Calais for cheap champagne. Just the ticket for the residents of Grimethorpe.