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Thursday, 24 October 2013

Common Purpose Bugs.

Merkin Merkel Hacked Off!

Hugh Grant can now recruit Angie to join his dubious anti-free speech rag tag and bobtail army. In the picture above the conservation, if happening right now, might go something like this;

Angie: "Look this was a private conversation with my chap. I didn't meant to refer to you as a bar steward of colour, Herr Obama."

Obummer: "Well, I don't believe anything but that's how you feel, Angie."

Angie: "Well don't eavesdrop if you don't wish to hear the truth about how volken think of you, Boy."

Obummer: " I get my guys and girls to check out all you honkies, 'cos I need to know everything I need know to rule the world."

Angie: "Who is "we" in than statement."

Obummer: "The Brotherhood, of course. No room for you gals in our mosque tent, I mean."

Angie: "Well, free speech must go the same way as we in Europe have taken free trade. To the hunden, mein Herr."

Obummer. " If that's how you feel, Frau Merkin, so be it. We'll have to bug the dogs as well."

Angie: "You can try but our Dobermans can smell a rat any day, especially your kind, you nosy cretin."

Obummer: "Well if you wish to turn nasty, then I have no other choice but to leak some of the tapes we have. Then we'll let the world know about your plans to subjugate Europe under a Fourth Reich. We never signed up to that."

Angie: "That's a low and petty blow."

Obummer: "Isn't that our job and stock in trade as Bilderbergers?"

Angie shrugs and rings Hollande on a secure line.

Common Purpose, Common Market, common nastiness, no difference!

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