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Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Busted Flush Or What?

EUSSR Begging Bowl Quietly Proffered, Again!

Whoops, another few billion needed! Richard North's brilliant blog, despite his antipathy towards UKIP and Nige, is a masterpiece of up front sanity, logic and an extremely well informed, educated understanding of EUSSR procedures, confidence trickery and obfuscation. His piece today directs us to just two or so other links, throughout the whole of Europe. Such is the ability of the bar stewards to suppress all but their oily public relations nastiness.

Now Richard's powerful intellect unnerves Oldrightie's inferiority complexes. His incisive skills and patient, dogged perseverance to out perform the cretins in Europe, in their own understanding of procedure, protocol and legalities, is a joy to behold. Not least today's exposure, for that's what it is, of the EU's Gordonomics, (or Snotonomics if you prefer), abysmal inability to understand that tax payers are not bottomless treasure chests. 

As I understand it Schultz, was instructed to beg MEPs, in their little holiday all expenses paid, frequent trips to Strasbourg, for an immediate sanction of some €2,700,000,000 billion. Not exactly peanuts, is it? This is in addition to another tranche of our debt laden obligations in the pipeline of an additional €3,900,000,000 billion of extra bunga bunga dosh tacked on to the present 2013 scam extractions from "members". A grand total of extra bunce of €6.600,000,000 billion.

Now despite 25 hours a day of printing press operations to find all this useless money, still these arrogant, greedy incompetents are unable to balance the books. All they seem able to sanction is a continual drain of liquidity into the corrupt and cosy cartels they are party to. That drug money grasped at in 2008 to save their skins and precious EUSSR Federal banking ambitions has to be serviced, does it not.

So my suspicion is that these constant requests for ever more revenue and inability to pay their way is directly or indirectly part of the agreements and short spoon suppers enjoyed back in the financial crash of 2007-8. Even if I am wide of the mark, the very nature and character of these people such as Schulz and Barroso, let alone Rompuy, leads me to believe their alacrity in accepting criminal funding is purely part of their DNA.

I suppose another panic driven fudge will take place, bailout funds diverted and yet more worthless IOUs doled out with a promise that higher and higher taxes and energy prices will fill the shortfalls owed to the world's drug lords. Still not very nice, though, is it when we consider the later's operating procedures? Sad to think this is the hidden but real face of our EUSSR Commissars and our own Westminster puppets' slavish obedience to Brussels and Berlin, in our name but not with our sanction.

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  1. Agree about Richard North, his blog is one of the very few places to go to for the relevant insights. What is scary is the level of sheer ignorance of our rulers at the top.