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Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Bleak Mid Winter.

That Is Now All Year Round, In UK Cities.

I recorded this for the time I expected to be confined to barracks, post being riven in two. I have so far managed one and a half episodes. What is fascinating is to listen to and watch the chatterati on TV and the internet, pontificating from their secure bubbles, on all and sundry. Not one of the smug, secure and rich members of the punditry and their Westminster Zoo inhabitants, ever consider the grim and bleak reality of life in our major cities today. A reality shown in all its Dickensian horror, in the dramas linked to.

I am of a generation brought up under strict moral codes and the belief that families stuck together through thick and thin. A philosophy of self reliance, no matter the hardships and often unpleasant nature of those dysfunctional behind closed doors. Then all bets were off as the socialists began their gleeful dismantling of all once held dear. National Service, capital punishment and comprehensive education dogma was implemented in all their despicable failure to hang on to those parts, of these issues, known to work.

Additionally the early beginnings of social engineering created the eventual mass immigration, which now blights all we try to achieve. Regardless of "Nasal Whining's "cost of living", newly dreamt up sound bite, destined to be repeated ad nauseum until early 2015, not once will this son of illegal migration or his counterparts across the room touch on the grim awfulness now endemic in our cities. You do not have to take my word for this state of of dreadful affairs. 

He said "Birmingham is one of the worst places in the developed world to grow up." What an indictment yet not a ripple. Not a murmur from the wider media rat packs. Certainly no hint of shame from the legions of, mostly socialist regimes and Governments, who have been the instigators of the destruction of society, families and an infrastructure on its knees from mass overcrowding.

In the "Run" series we get a close up of this denigration of human spirit and what was once a sense of decency and caring. Not one area of our lives since the 1960s has anything been enhanced. Well, not anything of long lasting benefit. Hopeful and naive innocents propelled into slavery to fuel the demands of an insatiable corruption of humanity, now dominating the slums and ghettoes of "modern" Britain.

You watch the drink addled, drug fuelled addiction to instant gratification, frequently regarded by immature kids and twenty-somethings as all consumingly desirable. All without one tiny spark of intelligence that these antics can only end in abject misery and a downhill spiral into a painful, drawn out misery, alleviated only by a painful life's end. There are no longer parental role models, caring families and safety nets of nurturing consideration, once automatically available until the wheels were stolen by the socialist wreckers.

As for Milibad The Millionaire's "cost of living" newly discovered sound bite, such hypocrisy from a man every bit as responsible for the rat infested chaos overwhelming us. If he really understood his socialist part in the real state of the nation, he might well apologise before pulling the trigger. Not that these cretins ever accept the responsibility for which they receive massive sums to do so.

Fat chance. None of them, including the present lot at the helm of this rotting hulk have any concept of the impending rocks they are drifting towards. Their blind faith that the rusting and battered tugs, captained by the corrupt Skippers in Brussels and Berlin, will tow them to safety, is but another deluded piece of wishful thinking. 

My sadness? I have lived a hard, tough life. Dedication to self-reliance and conservative attitudes has enabled me to make that excellent movement known as upward social mobility. Few if any can do that today. Well not in Britain and certainly not in Greece, Spain or Portugal.

I may well become a care home, tortured and bullied statistic, one day. My home and wealth confiscated in return for a potential enslavement in some rat infested non-care home. At least I will go down having known some pleasure and solace in my life. Something so many are already denied and whose own last years will not even have decent memories to see them out.

Politics, pundits and greed go hand in hand. None of them enhance the joy of life, once deemed sacred and now just another commodity to be bought and sold. Thank you all those down the years whose contribution to life in The UK has been nought but total failure. One Lady once got close to stopping "them" only to be vilified for daring to expose the nightmare gone and likely to return. How right she was. R.I.P a once decent UK.


  1. Great piece. There must be something in the air today, I've written something on a similar note.

    The lefty nutters will never realise that they don't help but only make things worse.

    The only solution is to remove the powers that allow them to do so much damage but turkeys aren't wont to vote for Christmas.

    Hate to admit it but this might all have to play out its logical course for any lessons to be truly learned and for the rebuilding to begin.

    That our children and our children's children will be trapped amongst the rubble of a once great country isn't a pleasant thought, though.

  2. I recall a Brum that was a decent City to live and work in. Had it worked out that way we would not have had any worry. It is years now since we were last there, can it really be as bad as this? If so Zeus help us all.

  3. BernieInPipewell

    Absolutely agree

  4. What a good read you always are. Absolutely agree, thank you.