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Saturday, 19 October 2013

An Attempt To Be Pleased With The UK.

Or Not As The Case May Be.

This post is to celebrate life in the UK as seen by we older folk through the prism of "we told you so". All those, from since the second world war, who have embraced the cosy, self-righteous, bleeding heart nature of equality through socialism, need to take stock. Ignorance of human nature's propensity for poor breeding and the reality of Darwinism and the survival of the fittest, want their mental level of intelligence rewired into a non deluded sense of reality.

Whilst the likes of Harridan Harman's ancestry and the later dynasty builders, such as the Kinnocks, Bliars, Straws, Prescott's et al, let alone the Milibads, brothers in stupidity, go from riches to great wealth, the real victims of decades of their social engineering get ever larger.

If that were not enough, these very same blithering fools decided it would be a great idea to import millions more to expedite the draining of the average citizen's income and opportunity to improve their lives. So "we" told you so. Enoch Powell spoke for most of us, rich and poor, in his pleading to not go down the several paths those, who one might have hoped would have known better, determined we should go.

Remember he was a passionately against a Federal European State but hey, blackballed as a racist, treated with that typical air of superiority and arrogance beloved of the left and he was done for. Still he told them so and so did millions agreeing with him.

"We" said trade unions would wreck industry. They did. We said they would seek to run the Civil Service, NHS, Education. They do. We said they,with their paid for Labour politicians, would create an underclass in every part of The UK. They have. We said those in he Labour movement with power, Union or Government, would make themselves rich on the back of first their supporters and members, then the rest of us. They have.

My generation has railed against political alliances with EUSSR corruption and forecast it would rapidly get out of control, as dubious use of billions of unaccounted earnings would be lost. Just one example. There are thousands and we told you so! They are after all a socialist, unelected lot of failed bureaucrats.

We told you they would wish to strip Nations of resources to fund their own police force and military. We are right on both. Of course, like all socialist grand schemes it's couched in fluffy, cuddly ways. Just like The Nazi's offered refreshing showers for the travel weary Jews from across Europe. Or Stalin, Pol Pot and the rest of the brainwashing experts, throughout history and up to the present day.

We told you you would fall for the consumer treats, the bashing of the wealth creators and the passionate need to gratify self in the cause of "equality" and the red flag. So as the wreckage of a once cultured, civilised and desirable Europe gave way, in the late fifties onwards, to the madness of social engineering and career politicians climbing the greasy pole with spiked soles to stamp behind them, we can say "we celebrate telling you so".

In summary, the Jeremy Kyle circus can stay secure in their ignorant nastiness and violent inadequacies certain that for their future the left has it all sorted. The slums will get worse and the squalor endemic, you won't notice. Your drugs, booze and rickety shelters will be regarded as better than being homeless. That you will never know contentment, loving families or even a "told you so" old age will pass you by.

The gangsters, drug dealers and above all else, your socialist movement will tell you you are all hard working and worthy recipients of their largesse. Trouble is, we told you it would never get better. What you have now will become even worse. Salvation wont come from any left wing socialist direction. Only purges and draconian clean ups will happen when your powerful, mega rich rulers desire a purge. Those carrying out the work will all be fully paid up Union members, of course.

Just as we told you they would destroy industry we are now telling you they will cull you as and when they deem it necessary. History has plenty of precedence. We told you that, too! So I accept my generation has done well.out of hard graft, an education system that, in the main, worked, a savings ethos and pension awareness that we are older for many, many more years, than we are young.

Many of my contemporariness have ensured our intelligence was employed to help our children do well. To that end many, many of those who listened have emigrated from the tidal wave engulfing Europe's lost causes. Those remaining are busy hoarding experience and assets ready for their need to flee.

Just as the mass migration into Europe did but in their case with nothing to contribute to the host nations. We told you so! That Labour might well win the next election and do their economic wrecking ball act once more, just as the shanty towns were possibly recoverable, shows how frequently we have been right.

We told you socialism was and remains a confidence trick. All it is is just chip on the shoulder, inadequate fools, able to bluff all and sundry that their slum existence is nothing to do with them. Meanwhile, as we always told you, these hypocrites would be far worse than the toffs. All of them sup champagne and eat the finest food and laugh at those they control..

Yes, in summary, if my only solace is to be one of those "who told you so" at least it's something! As we continue our descent into a Mad Max, socialist "Utopia" I can, like many of my contemporaries, shrug and say, "You just wouldn't listen."


  1. Agreed.

    We take no pleasure in saying we told you so, we saw this years ago but our message wasn't right on, so was dismissed.

    Yes Powell was right, but he made the cardinal error, he used some terms which in the cold light of day were all too easily taken out of context...he gave the swine the ammo to shoot him with and the real message was lost.

    It wasn't just the socialists who acted as bought and paid for fifth columnsists, whilst Thatcher was enthroned if you passed by a factory there was every possibility that the next time you passed by it was boarded up, then the next time levelled, then either an office block or another shopping centre sprung up.

    Every PM since has done their level best to destroy this land from within.

    Ironically those shopping centres increasingly selling the Chinese tat that used to be well made British goods made in the factory the shop now stands on.

    Now when you travel you are among the thousands of foreign lorries, or the millions of container movements...all en route full to the brim with foreign rubbish to those huge warehouses (staffed by foreigners) that stand sentinel near every major town...not to be found in Sunningdale or Gerrards Cross or Stow on the Wold where those who decided all of this live their secluded lives, not on your nelly will there be a massive warehouse complex there, nor an immigration centre, nor a prison, nor anything that might blight the lives of those wo have benefitted from the most foul acts of teason in our history.

    And still the electorate can't see, what a depressing nation we are, turkeys voting with glee for their own Christmasses.

    A man could turn to drink.



  2. At the moment, I am reading Atlas Shrugged for the third time in my life.

    It was a book written in 1957.

    It was never meant to be a prediction, it was meant to be a warning.

    That almost everything warned against in the book is now being seen around the world (especially here in the UK and over in the USA) is enough to make you ... well... shrug and leave it all behind.

    What is the aim of these people? How do they see the "end game"?

    I think we all know the answer, I'd just like to hear it from their own lips.

    I know one thing, though; it isn't life.

  3. We are told that Birmingham is a city in collapse and its decline apparently cannot be halted. We are also told that the answer to this is to build another railway line to it to save a few minutes on the journey to add to the two other working lines. Who let the foxes into the chicken run?

  4. Judd, I guess we will never see again how these small Islands used to be, before the mass immigration brought about the awfulness around us.

    Atlas Shrugged, every bit a prediction as any of Orwell's works.

    Demetrius, as a majority immigrant population slowly engulfs Brum, it's little wonder is is fast becoming another Mumbai clone city.