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Monday, 7 October 2013

A Football Or A Corpse?

Still Gets A Constant Kicking.

I present to you three purportedly human beings. In actual fact these are three pretend men of a cowardly disposition and in one instance a deranged nose picker. This latter, a public eater of his own waste nasal material, was the architect of a 13 year reign of terror brought down on a once proud Nation.

In order to pursue Gordo's obsession for his father's disdain, at the creature he had sired,  this mentally flawed idiot needed to employ and recruit henchmen. Thus we were landed with a bully in his own image, Nicholson and a tea boy prepared to do his master's bidding to curry favour and gain undeserved  ministerial eminence.

These two cretinous incompetents were not the only ones. However their genocidal supervision of the NHS is back in the political spotlight. As Milibad seeks to re-write history, so beloved of the socialist delusion, the facts surrounding the Labour Government's 13 years of inane NHS football kicking, PFI stupidity and target driven but parsimonious wasted investment, led the NHS to its knees.

Though no lover of any politicians of the post Maggie years at least let's try to lay the blame for the mistreatment of our  tax distribution and failure to keep National Insurance for what its original purpose was for,  with those wholly in thrall to the socialists' disastrous tenure under first Bliar and then the gargoyle from Falkirk. 

Cameron placed the small but burgeoning recovery at the feet of the population and the work carried out, since 2010, by people prepared to shoulder the wheel. A rare nod to the fact that it's people who bear the brunt of political failure not those responsible. In Nicholson's continued tenure at the head of the NHS and his shameless nepotism, we can observe how the communist, Marxist dogma is rapidly bent to selfish greed the moment it's served the purpose of gaining power for such inadequate people. Ask Milibad's dad how he might feel about a the millionaire life style garnered by his sons.

I'll finish with Burnham, Snotty's bag carrier. "Burnham was criticised during the 2010 election campaign after leaflets were sent to 250,000 women - some of which turned out to be cancer patients - featuring a message from a breast cancer survivor who praised Labour's health policy. Burnham, the then government Health Secretary, denied that specific cancer patients had been targeted.

In July 2013 the Daily Telegraph stated that Burnham's staff had edited his Wikipedia page to remove critical material. Burnham's office claimed that they had removed false statements that had been drawn to their attention." From Wikipedia.

Note his propensity for being accused of meddling and manipulating potential criticism. I hope he sues Jeremy Hunt and we get factual evidence as to the collusion between Labour and their lackeys in The Civil Service placement pools. The degree we still suffer those placements still in situ and undermining present efforts to stabilise our blighted Country, paraded in Court, would be a joy. Not least those pretending to be unbiased GP spokespeople, whilst revelling in the largesse paid over to cause trouble when Brown's scorched earth legacy of spite kicked in, post his defeat.

A legacy of spite which pervades the Shadow cabinet and its ghastly failure to take responsibility for their pathetic time in Office. No wonder Burnham is left intact by Red Milibad. Red Ed can ill afford a sulking little squirt haunting the back benches already tainted by earlier has-beens of this discredited, Unite funded, crowd of gangsters and dubious millionaires, in the Bliar, Mandy mould. Al I would say to Hunt is tell them to "Bring it on."

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