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Wednesday, 30 October 2013

A Bad Day For The Left.

A Good Day For The Rest Of Us.

Most of my visitors are aware I'm no lover of any of the three LibLabCon parties but consider the Cobbleition and Camoron still head and shoulders above the Socialists and their cretinous PBC criminals and paedophiles. So the roustabout of PMQs and the asides from Astro Turf Head and his Jo Somebody Halloween witch next to him, was great fun to enjoy.

The screen shot above shows labour in slumped and defeated postures as they were royally hammered by their Bete Noires, fronted by The Boy No Longer, Dave. Even LibDums had the odd rubber dagger employed! The jibes against puerile Milibad came thick and fast. The weapon of choice, rightly or wrongly, was the improving economic picture, feared by Labour. So much for their wanting what's best for "the people".

On Royal Mail Kiddyfiddler Mandy's support for private involvement was spat forth by the ageing Boy. NHS investment trumpeted and the deepest cut of all was aimed squarely at Milibad's less than edifying control by the vote riggers and fraudsters of his paymasters in Unite. Even Unite's scapegoat, and vote manipulator of Falkirk and no doubt elsewhere, was flagged up by Camoron. Almost in Unison unison the whole of the Labour benches slumped like a sequenced Mexican wave of despair.

As for Bercow, his chirpy, cheeky chappy persona was obviously struggling with the stress of his Roma loving other half's weird, apparent drink and drug fuelled carryings on. There can be little doubt, as Camoron, to his credit, praised the work of the people, rather than rosettes to the politicians, Labour are made miserable by the economic improvements.

So it went on, only to be almost trumped by an attempted ambush of the recently resigned Tommy Robinson from the EDL. Jo "Halloween" Coburn seemed to think she had a sacrificial lamb before her as she opened her cross examination of not "Mr Robinson" and certainly not "Tommy", rather a sneering, down her smug, large nose, "Tommy Robinson". Then this articulate, albeit accented, intelligent activist, gave a cool, logical and beautifully crafted riposte to all this utter chatterati, ghastly PBC luvvie had to offer.

Coburn's sudden shuffling in her seat and pained expressions, as Tommy produced a superb antidote to all that the endemic, left winged and biased awfulness this woman presented, was a master class in how to debate with the dregs of Labours' fading PBC reps as their blind carelessness to the paedophile rings swirling about them, becomes ever more obvious.

It was indeed a rare day when once more one could be proud to be British and white! Get Tommy Robinson into Office!


  1. I'm just catching up with my blog reading and so have only now learned of your recent health problems.

    From deepest darkest Highbury I wish you the very best of luck in your recovery and look forward to reading many more years of trenchant common sense.

  2. FB, most generous of you. I am making very good progress and getting stronger b the day. It is possible my energy levels will be much enhanced to continue the crusade for less governance and more common sense. Once known as Conservatism but now more like kipper tie loving!