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Sunday, 11 August 2013

Will It Ever End?

The Rape of Britain.

Six figure salaries, multi-million pound incompetence, doesn't stop the agents of self interest, (guess who?) from seeking to interfere and establish avenues to further the ever increasing pillage and rape of the citizenry. Is there any area of our lives, including what we have discovered are millionaire sinecures for charitable organisations used to hide the greed of those in the "club" of correct contacts or the grip of Common Purpose.

The sign depicted in the image above is one used many times a year in the British Isles. Periods of dry weather always give way to wet and often lengthy ones of rain and floods. This bounty of almost constant water does not, however, make us able to manage and store this essential need to sustain life. It remains the gift of those in power, desirous of using any resource to feather the nests of the few, at the expense of the many.

If you look at the siren songs put out by the water companies, you would believe a meter is a holy grail when in fact, as with energy meters, it will become little more than a spy under the sink. The same paranoia we suffer from heating and cooking, as to how much it's costing, will become the norm. 

As water to be discarded, laps around your ankles and floods continue to happen, the piped variety will cost an ever increasing premium. The reality of over population demand, the greed of water bosses and shareholder dividend expectation, (mostly overseas corporations and banks) will drive the need to ration by price. Naturally these head Freds will be fitting or opening up bore holes and wells on their estates. The sods will siphon rivers through their gardens and lands to bypass the costs lain a the door of the less well off. That or flood homes and valleys for their personal storage reservoirs.

Not for our Lords and Masters will meter spying be acceptable. Their needs will be covered by expensive, installed with the aid of huge incomes and salaries, generators, wind turbines, solar panelled acres and water pumps drilled deep underground. All of these private supplies will be well managed and hidden from their conservatory viewing points and sash windowed, panelled drawing rooms. 

Also hidden from the gullible, forced to shell out already scarce scare and precious dwindling incomes. Indeed those private resources will then be used to gain income from spare, built in, capacity, to add ever more to their riches and wealth. Which of course is already happening. As with energy, so with water. That beautiful garden lake of many acres span, will hide a nice little earner, ere long!

Our feudal system is alive and well. There are just a much greater number of fat cats and more secretive beneficiaries of the serfdom of the many. There are many different routes to secure a baronial hall and senior, superior living. Most of these ways to that position are immoral, often illegal and always unpleasant in their effects.

Bankers, politicians, gangsters and a plethora of bureaucrats servicing the greed of these smug wheelers and dealers, will include favoured suppliers. Such as those providing alternative energy with expensive and wasteful materials for those scams. Down the line will be water meter suppliers and manufacturers already jostling and lobbying for preferential treatment from their cohorts in power. 

No wonder they are laughing at the anti-fracking idiots. These eco loons are doing their propaganda for them! Was it ever thus? Not when people and their numbers were in shorter supply. Nowadays life is cheap and labour costs accordingly. Why else import more and more serfs every day? Have a great Sunday, peeps.


  1. You are correct the country is been looted by these 'Common Purpose' cretins. Now the NHS is going to be handed over to them [G4s]. This is how they operate get the taxpayer to fund their companies.

  2. Not to belittle what you have said, nor ignore the plight of those who have suffered from flooding, but the water company charges are more insidious than that, particularly for business premises or other concerns that have a large 'footprint' (schools, sports clubs, all manner of things - not just 'the rich')

    You say that piped water is expensive and to get more so. Whilst the latter is undoubtably true a strict examination reveals that in fact 1 cubic metre of water (220 Gallons) weighs in at (apart from 1 tonne) about £1.50. We are charged again for disposing of it (foul sewage, which is sinks, baths and washing machines, as well as WCs) at a cost of a little over £1.00. So, for every 220 gallons of water that passes through the meter, we pay about £2.50. In my opinion, that ain't too bad, considering the quality.

    There are many thing we can do to save water and reduce this reasonable charge further. Less washing machine use (wives and daughters take note), water butts for the garden, showers not baths, irresponsible use of taps, etc.

    On top of the water charges is a Standing Charge for the equipment - meter, pipework, the whole caboodle. This is currently around £50 per annum. One pound per week. We complain, but again, it's not too bad.

    Where it gets bad is the 'non-metred wastewater' that we are charged for. Non-metered, how does that work? How it works is it falls from the sky. It's usually called RAINWATER. They charge us for that falling on our roofs and land. So yes, there is now a kind of RAINFALL TAX.

    Go check it out. It's not too bad (well it is about 70 quid a year, so more than the supposed Standing Charge) for domestic properties, which all tend to have a small 'footprint' (except for castles & mansions), but where 'non-domestic' premises are concerned, begin to worry. Check out how much schools are paying. Small business premises. Large business premises!!

    My business water rates (small workshop) suddenly went up (in 2008) from less than £100 per annum (one tap, one WC, one kettle, no heavy usage at all) to the current situation where I'm paying £280 per annum before I turn the tap on and before the standing charge is applied .... because it rains on my patch!

    So you see, the main costs levied upon us are in respect of getting rid of water that falls from the sky, more then ever the cost of supplying it back to us (cleaned) down the pipework (and then again for getting rid of it after our usage). And as your pictures show, they aren't doing anything like a good job of that.

    All the above figures are in respect of Utd Utilties Water Co, the largest and, I am told, the most expensive supply co in the UK. Last year Utd Utilities made a profit of around £1 billion.


  3. Passing through Herne Hill Station yesterday where an inundation had occurred a couple of days before, I wondered whether it was the local water company or rising sea levels. As we were on the way to see the Bolshoi "Swan Lake" it would not have been the same if the water had been salt.

  4. Quite right and Restoring Britain has done a nice piece on things too.