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Thursday, 15 August 2013

Western Culpability In The Middle east.

What A Waste Of Democratic Values And History.

How it all began. How little has changed in human ability to forswear violence. The only difference I can see is that the desire for power and lust for greed in the West is believed to be got from undemocratic alliances of self interested parties. Thus we have observed the morphing of political, banking, corporate and criminal factions into one. Their aim to lead a global government devoid of religious or democratic influences.

The Middle East has Islam and Muslim fanaticism to corral. That and the added burden of modern communications, which has allowed the Arab and other corners of the Globe to witness, for all its failings, a Western standard of living they, as yet, can only dream of.

Those dreams, however, are already giving rise to revolution and a deep seated passion for freedom from authoritarian and despotic rule. This passion has arisen as the West's model for society is going in the opposite direction. Not least in its harnessing of a mass migration entity, to dilute national allegiances and fervour for a sense of belonging.

Such irony. As the centuries old tyranny of Islam fights in its own territories to hold on to power, their dictatorial, religious lust for power elsewhere is nurtured by their once natural enemies. Egypt has become a central and focal point for all those who desire democracy to triumph over religious or secular dictatorship. 

The power of this civil war to influence now and all our futures, is significant. There can be only one side that can emerge victorious. That will be the one able to claim a majority following. Ergo a democratic one. It may well be a costly and bloody outcome. Freedom, sadly, always is. As history has always shown.

As I watch with overwhelming sadness the paucity of intelligence in our Western leaderships, exacerbated by the smug and deluded cretins in America and The EUSSR administrations, I weep. Look at Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. All places scarred by our leaders' political incompetence, egged on by corporate heckling, passionate to meddle for profit, in the death and destruction ensuing from political stupidity and short sightedness.

These self same cretins preached as to their keeping our streets safe, whilst importing battalions into our midst, likely to soon transfer the battle fields of The Middle East into our very back gardens. Al Qaeda now dominate parts of Lebanon, are fighting in strength and welcomed into Syria. They have a powerful and probably untouchable headquarters in The Yemen. They are likely to be acting in numbers as "advisers" to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt. 

This latter point more than likely for Al Qaeda  to gain superior control of The Suez Canal, as an additional economic weapon against the West. For all the violence, these Islamic Fundamentalists understand the greed of our system and its dictators in the banking and corporate world. The violence we see is only a screen to hide the real motivation and tactical end game the fanatics are chasing.

To this end The West would need to spread wealth and success much wider than it does. Without a stake in all of this mayhem, just as with the UK effort by Maggie to spread home ownership, people are disinterested in all that goes on. We have a compliant society prepared to sacrifice any sense of freedom for State run beneficence. Herein lies the recent  political successes of Socialism, the atrocious Labour Government and The EUSSR.

That those successes also wrecked our economies is of little concern to them as long as they remain aloof from the pain. Ask Bliar. A multi-millionaire on a huge wage to be a Middle east Peace Envoy. How weird is that? he bestrides the rapidly becoming wasteland in his golden chariots, or their modern equivalence, private jets, untouched by all that he has failed to influence for the better.

All I can manage to comment is that I pray for peace and a democratic solution. If that needs the military to enforce, temporarily, so be it. Wouldn't be a bad thing in The UK and Europe!

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