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Monday, 26 August 2013

The Gift That Keeps On Going....

Out Of Our Pockets.

It's not just the "counterfeit", i.e. printed, unsecured, eu currency being hung out to dry. Raedwald tells us clearly how "it" works.  If we add to the cost of such deviousness illegal wars in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, about to be overshadowed by Syrian stupid intervention, then its no wonder our mortgaged  future  cost is rising exponentially.

If funding is to be required to wage war, line pockets or assuage unending hubris, who cares about the future. Climate change costs punish all but the wealthy. NHS and education can go whistle under the yoke of mass immigration but if war is to be "enjoyed", money no object. How quickly the clowns like Cameroid and Vague the sadly not Valedictory, Hague rush to powder their egos, whilst disregarding the cost.

There are reports which suggest we must do something to prevent humanitarian crisis. In effect its just a lust for status and legacy which drives the mad folk in charge. Their interpretation of humanitarianism is to bomb the sh*t out of any recalcitrants. That or, as with the EU preferred method, blitz them into poverty, to bend them to their will.

How easy our lack of leadership and common sense understanding that to leave well alone and concentrate on home affairs is such a better path to tread. Quite the opposite. We seek brutal and sledge hammer action in preference to letting nature take its course. So predictable is the response to Syria it becomes an easy game for the Islamists and Taliban to orchestrate to their advantage. Not least because they act as a collective team rather than with a cult of egotistical leadership. 

Bin Laden's loss energised them, along with our futile, grim reaper approach to all conflict. The failure of our mongrel leadership to impact on the pedigree of Islamic determination has, for centuries, led us to failure. We think, or at least the pathetic and puerile top echelon of corrupt power in The West, in terms of office tenure and legacy. That and how fat the retirement wedges should be. 

Our Islamic opposition think in metaphysical goals and therefore centuries of struggle. Indeed, their adherence to codes of conduct give them an economic lack of lust to shame the corruption endemic in our Common Purpose echelons. For our "enemies" the goal is the same as many of our own cabals. World domination over others and a lack of freedom of the spirit and soul. Only the implementation is the dividing line.

Taking this one step further. As I have mentioned recently, two populations are showing the way. The Egyptians and The Turks. Both Nations seek a secular but moral path to freedom. Even Russia is doing better in those respects than the smug, arrogant, self centred West. If we stand back and examine Obummer's American  ill thought out foreign policy and note how the EU and the slavish UK are hanging on to the coat tails, what's not to despair about. Still war against the Syrian people will divert attention from the EUSSR disaster of an economic inferno raging around Southern European Nations.

Since our powers that be seem so happy to wage violence is it not seemingly the only outcome for the whole Planet? Do we watch helplessly as it escalates in the hands of The Black Dr Strangelove and his pygmy acolytes in Europe? Is violent protest to topple the pecking order the only future? If we observe that principle as deemed the only way to secure desired regime change in Iraq, Syria and no doubt one day, Iran how can they be stopped?

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  1. You mean Obama actually HAS a foreign policy? Well, other than 'bomb it!' that is...

    Hope I'm wrong, but I can see us sending troops to Syria on the US coat tails. I might even be tempted to join a demo on that one - not that it would do any good.