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Tuesday, 27 August 2013

The Disastrous Boy.

Plonker Or Warmonger?

Inspecting which one might be next, Camoron?

There can be little doubt in anyone's mind that firstly the Bullingdon PR spin on WMD gas atrocities was cringe worthy for the obvious obfuscation it is. Secondly he is desperate to sidle up to Obummer every bit as much as Bliar the yacht cruiser  was to Bush Junior. Note the lack of socialist angst over that obscene display of luxury hob knobbing. Probably more of the latter word, knowing some of the rumours of his past predilections.

Whatever the aspects of the weak and puerile elements about to spend a few billion more we have to borrow, of this I am certain. This latest bums rush into a conflict we do not understand is watching a less than intelligent beast run full tilt into a well laid trap.  9/11 was a strike expected to damage the West's economies and lay the seeds for many years of accelerated decline, weakness and eventual submission to the Islamic cause. 

Not only was this successful and led to illegal, costly wars, it allowed further erosion and destabilisation of the Middle East. It has led to the Syrian turmoil, allowing Iranian influence to grow, it's terrifying The Saudi Royal Family. I'm certain the real target, Israel will be left exposed, not by Al Qaeda action but America and her allies' futile inability to comprehend the long game. The same tactics are abroad in Egypt, where an army tied down domestically is unable to permit a potentially more sympathetic, secular Government to be formed and possibly look for rapprochement with their neighbours in Tel Aviv.

As for Camoron. What an immature and growingly offensive man he's turning out to be. If anything were designed to seal, in cast iron certainty, not blethering promises, the Boy's unelectability, in the manner of Milibad, its more expensive, on tick, war. 

His, Camoron's, plan to brag he's got us out of Afghanistan, just before the 2015 election, will pale against the venture he's hell bent on securing right now. Does he really believe that a blitzkrieg against Assad will be any more likely to leave Syria in a better place than Iraq. 

If you told me the ghost of Saddam is chuckling on the lad's wide and chubby shoulders, I wouldn't be surprised. Sadly, like Bliar, if his reckless ventures and ignorant belief his legacy will stand any test of time, perhaps this pretend conscience is just that. A front of moral outrage designed to bring him millions when he leaves office. 

I doubt the price of 24/7 security and bodyguards will bother him if he can mimic his idol's riches.  Whatever anyone thinks of the moral argument, the reality will remain the same. Entering this fray in Syria, whatever excuse might be made, is going to be about power and money. Certainly nothing to do with the Syrian people, or us, for that matter. What a loathsome and disgusting leadership, on all sides, we are damned with. Still it is said we get the clowns we deserve and the bankers, it would seem.  


  1. Absolutely spot on again Rightie.

    I never expected anything from Cameron other than to carry on where his father Bliar left off, those true truly deserve one another.

    My real disgust is for the Britsh people who time and time again vote in their millions for traitors and greedy power mongers such as these.

    To be honest i have little sympathy with the state of this now almost destroyed country of ours, we truly have the government we as a people deserve, they voted for satan and lo and behold they got him...good.



  2. Another faultless piece, OR. It is good that there are still some who see clearly; the big question remains, however - what can the lone voice to do, eloquent as it is?

    There will be a new TOWIE - or something similarly banal - on the idiot's lantern in a day or two - and most people neither know nor care where Syria is or where this disastrous intervention will ultimately lead.

    I am not going to be around for much longer, I am told, and to be honest, I quite welcome the thought.

  3. Can you find any sane person in comments blogs ect who want this war. 80% against but devils like Cameron and that idiot Hague just ignore the people western democracy at its best.

  4. It seems the three party leaders are all in agreement for war. Cameron and Hague are enthusiastic recruiters for war Obama wants war, even Biden says that there is incontrovertible evidence of a gas attack by Assad. Let's be quite clear that there is no evidence that Assad has used chemical weapons, and yet our leaders are ALL saying there is! We therefore now have clear evidence of a conspiracy amongst our leaders
    Only Nigel Farage speaks the truth and common sense.

  5. Thank you all most sincerely for your kind comments and support.
    Opsimath, I was sad to read the personal bit in your comment. I hope all is not as you suggest. Whatever, never forget to listen to Louis Armstrong's "Wonderful World".