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Friday, 23 August 2013

Talk Is Cheap.

America On The Back Foot.

With a propensity for high living, an economy floundering, an Afghan nightmare and Middle East in turmoil, one can but wonder what on Earth is The White House and socialist, Islamic Presidency about. Add to this an Administration paranoid over eavesdropping and communist style suppression of its citizens, one has to pose the question, were he not part Afro would his tumultuous lack of ability to do the job be so readily muted by the World's media?

The melt down we are seeing in Iraq, Egypt and Syria is providing The UN talking shop and The EUSSR pretend Federal State, plenty of photo opportunities and an excellent number of days to bury bad news. Not least the continual decline of any influence The UN once had, albeit no bad thing, plus the ever daily demise of what passes for an economy in the eurozone.

All in all, those able to or prepared to allow time itself, to resolve the human tragedy that is Syria and for that matter, Iraq, are playing a better game than the decades of meddling and corporate driven greed to interfere for commercial gain, America and Britain have attempted post the 1940s. 

Nevertheless the enforced reticence that the post 9/11 military campaigns have brought about, by the very economic collapse the terrorists have engendered by design, has left our future precarious. I do wonder how much Obama's true Islamic feeling is adding to the plight of both Egyptian suffering as well as that of Syria. 

The outpourings of hand wringing Save The Children million pound a year salaried executives is almost amusing were it not so readily exacerbated by Obama's bewildered response. Note, too, in all of this ,how the UN Middle East Envoy appears to ape the same floundering bewilderment of Obummer. 

I have to say the public stance of Russia and China has a more sensible tone, in which the noise and turmoil is laid at the door of the Countries in strife. Why must the West, other than for commercial gain and motive, be blamed for the strife and anguish, the death and horror the children and innocents are going through? Is it not their adults, leaders and Islamic fanatics who are at war with each other? 

Of course I'm forgetting how much of these turbulent regions' populations we have imported. Here that ridiculous mass immigration policy is at fault insomuch it has drawn interested parties, families and factions into our midst. To that end we are dragged into conflicts when once we might have stood back until they subsided and then chosen to help. 

As it is if we aid one faction, we alienate another. We are damned if we intervene, damned if we don't. Now whose fault is that? Our old pals the Common Purpose cabal of arms dealers, drug dealers, bankers and politicians. For they, a global government and zero tribal or national allegiances, is the aim. Ergo the death and misery of millions of children are just eggs being broken to make an omelette of commercial batter.
Not for one moment do these idiots realise the enormity of their goal is beyond capability. Only one outcome, unless we return to regional governance and a degree of isolationism, when appropriate, is Armageddon. An easily created nightmare at the push of a button. What price Common Purpose then?

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  1. Basically, Obama is a poker player politician. Only he has been in this game too long. Now he is looking at a rubbish hand with the other players about to call his bluff. If he does go bust the game could get very rough indeed.