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Saturday, 24 August 2013

Is This Really Necessary?

Not Content With Romanian And Bulgarian Immigration.

Why is this happening?  Not content with the mess created so far, The EUSSR is still salivating over even further expansion of the Fourth Reich EUSSR. What is always unspoken is the manner in which bribery and embezzlement of members tax take is used to to support this monster and its rapacious appetite for economic doom alongside mass overcrowding.

Only the, so far, absence of military means to secure a Continent, dominated and run by Germany is missing but one can foresee an eventual level of dissatisfaction leading to violence. If only the kind already witnessed in Spain, Portugal and Greece. Now that this Ukrainian issue is baiting the Russian bear, one can begin to realise that the EUSSR's, in reality Germany's, expansionary greed for power is not all as fluffy and cuddly as it's purported to be.

Not withstanding the frightening size The EU is becoming, the ability of the concept to feed, clothe and shelter the less wealthy Nations becomes more and more uncomfortable. Then the awareness of the riches and benefits, saved by the likes of The UK, over many decades, kicks in. At this point, as with the Indian and that Continent's mass ranks of poverty stricken hordes, people understandably head North and West.

Those unprepared to be honest and who hold power, in The UK in particular, will doubtless fail, as ever, to learn from even recent history. To this end the flood of Romanian and Bulgarian Travellers will be colossal. Not least because of their present homelands desire to be rid of them. It's already a problem in The UK so why would it get any less after January?

All this is due to happen at a time when fast coming up the migration highway are millions of Syrian, Iraqi, Egyptian and Libyan refugees, asylum seekers, many genuine. Who knows from where else, many many more will join the queues. That the EUSSR pursue and invite this global migration is sheer madness. That our small Islands are rapidly becoming a destination of choice and easy pickings, is a disgrace. Somewhere this is a deliberate policy, post Labours' admission of the same deliberate action. Do the idiots not see how much it will end in tears? 

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