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Thursday, 8 August 2013

Is Overcrowding A Problem?

Yes Or No?

UK unemployment is circa 8%, savers pay.
More people having sex, more children to pay for and bring in to a turbulent, austere environment, short of services.
Kids lose out big time, firstly at school and in lots of many ways.
Such as the rise in once unimaginable ways such as this barbaric imported issue.
Then there is the pressure on getting around,  not likely to be helped by HS2.
As for handouts  benefits, the cost gets ever greater day by day, Who wouldn't swap a Romanian or Bulgarian traveller camp for freebies?
A further huge surprise is that a larger population ends up with a larger number of older people. Are immigrants blessed with a never getting old gene? This is a new phenomenon and an engineered one. Just ask one of the stupid but wealthy architects, in a brief outburst of honest reflection.

These are but a small link to indicators which do not reveal the squalor, hardship and less pleasant aspects of the ever burgeoning evidence of these consequences. Ignorance, laziness and sheer lack of intelligence creates such issues as fat blocked sewers and the exploitation found here and here. How can the bleeding heart liberal Left  think these conditions are perfectly OK for the poor immigrants condemned to the squalor and hateful, stench and disease risked conditions?

How can the same Left, smug and pathetic BBC chatterati accept our inability to offer genuine asylum when we are overwhelmed by economic and gerrymandered mass arrivals? My case rests not just on the destruction of these beautiful Islands by a sea of ever increasing humanity but the inevitable consequences on our declining wealth and capability to offer real homes and proper hope to those allowed to come.

In summary this link resounds with the words of  Enoch Powell. 

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