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Thursday, 22 August 2013

I Do Hope I Was Missed!

On Wednesday, 21st Of August.

I was so busy socialising and garden visiting with dear friends, I missed a post yesterday. Things are also afoot which may lead to a couple of weeks or so absence, so I will post that information as necessary. If anyone, possibly Gotty, fancy a spell, do let me know and we can entertain guests accordingly!

With the annual exam results upon us once more, education is much in the news. Like all of our Nation's infrastructure, this particular political football gets a regular good kicking. As with the NHS we can see the paucity of socialism and Labour Government failings writ large. Not that the Cobbleition is a lot better.

As Mrs OR is wont to say, she votes for that Party likely to do the less damage. So with Michael Gove attempting to influence what is otherwise another of McCluskey's  Unite fiefdoms, teaching, you can readily see she's not likely to vote Unite Labour any time soon. 

If we look back to pre-comprehensive days, social mobility and the common sense surrounding the "Just William" era of the fifties, warts and all, those education establishments really were schools and not dumping grounds for the trailer trash, now deified, in what passes for many schools today. 

As GCSE passes are facing a degree of difficulty frowned upon by the Left, a tiny glimmer of hope has returned that schools might once again be seen as centres of excellence one day. Albeit if Labour were to get back into power, with a significant degree of help from Camoron, if not from Milibad, any gains made in education will be rapidly reversed. 

It would seem a million plus unemployable, self centred, ill equipped young folk are of little concern for Labour so long as they are brainwashed to vote for more of the same dirge and disappointment Labours' incompetent social engineering demands. 

I guess the better educated and aspirational young people might be, means they are more likely to challenge the supremacy of the Dromey, McCluskey, Unite, Communist ideals for a regimented, dumbed down and pliable Nation of ignoramuses. Too thick to notice when their beloved Union bosses rob them blind for their own, Union hierarchical  lifestyle luxuries. Luxuries despised with unwarranted nastiness when it's earnt through hard work from an early age, by those successful despite the socialist drag we now suffer post 13 years of Labour stupidity in power.

I can never understand how Mandleson's and Bliar's wealth is seemingly OK when most other people are derided and vilified for doing well. I suppose a rich socialist is always preferred to an honest self made man. The very same hypocrisy aimed at inherited privilege other than themselves. That link dates back to 2009 so we can see how much influence the grass-roots of Labour have or not, as it seems. 

Of course the Tories are as divorced from their roots every bit as Labour are. Nowadays it's all about big fat EUSSR jobs and perks for our treacherous Governing cliques. Something else unsuited to having a well educated populace, is it not? Voting for none of the above would be a landslide.

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  1. Socialising hey? Enjoying yourself? They'll soon put a stop to that!

    Hope you had a good time OR.