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Friday, 30 August 2013


Very Possibly.

Heir to Bliar indeed. How ironic it's the failure of his hero that has returned to haunt him, as it does the Middle East War Peace Envoy. A man so vilified he travels in high luxury only matched by the high level of security required. One day someone will break through, or a "sleeper" on the staff, do for him. 

Bliar's fate may well be avoided by the Boy Camoron. Avoided only because the sheer weight of public opinion and the duplicitous nastiness of Milibad, with a dose of rare common sense by other MPs, The Boy's vainglorious seeking, of a legacy and bleeding heart stupidity, have been thwarted.

Osborne's conversion to providing humanitarian aid was nifty.Nevertheless, laudable. Food and medicine, water and shelter, rather than missiles, bombs and ignorant furthering of violence and war. Violent protest can be, very rarely, justifiable but not in the sense this was and still remains for Obummer. 

I would like to write more on this, for me at least, historic day but time is short. What I am sure of is that Milibad's chopping and changing, for political and selfish reasons were unedifying but expected. Seems filial backstabbing is not confined to his Brother. Hopefully his nastiness on full view will do him less credibility than The Boy's hubristic but interrupted dash to war. 

I guess both were on the same egotistical train. We would all be better off if they disembarked together and took their poor and discredited characters elsewhere. Maybe the rebel front line in  Syria, Kalashnikovs in hand.

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  1. Would like to see Miliband replaced by Douglas Alexander based on yesterday's debate...

    I'm running an open thread on Syria over on mine of you or any of your readers want to vent your uncensored spleen.

    (interesting captcha : slid t pu. How apt)