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Friday, 16 August 2013

Has It Disappeared?

Afghanistan, That Is.

Well, no, it's still in existence. It's just that the poor, disadvantaged, downtrodden and barbaric Muslim Brotherhood are the present BBC pet's of the moment. So the counterparts which are the Taliban are anxious to try and get their PR machine back in the limelight of downtrodden martyrdom. To consider the "Brotherhood", sisterhood not welcome, I suppose, one of my fellow bloggers echoed my sentiments of yesterday in respect of the Egyptian conflict.

As our troops return from the unwinnable deployment, aka failure to note the USSR defeat, to The UK, they might well be forgiven for thinking their presence might well reflect that of The Egyptian Army and Police. That is to say required to stem the growing risk of Islamic aggression within these Islands. Anyone who does not believe that an Islamic structure is being built to lay claim to every City in the Land, is just plain barmy. 

To accentuate my argument I refer you to this scenario and then ask you why such special attention should be given on behalf of just 250 people, in a beautiful corner of, as yet, an unspoilt county. Forget the gentle flow of mild words in the first link. Islamic fundamentalism is rife with violent aggression against all who are not Muslim. 

Turkey and Egypt are telling us in horror and violence, the real nature of this fanatical religion. It's despicable attitude to females and belief that life on earth is as nought to that in heaven, flies in the face of those willing to condemn Christian belief in the sanctity and beauty of life here on Earth. 

That Common Purpose appear to relish, with their socialist stupidity and dogma, the influx and future power base of Islamic dominance in the West is weird and also pathetic. All that will arise is conflict and mayhem which will make the Irish sectarian troubles a walk in the park. We reap as we sow and the harvest of violence awaiting us is not a pleasant festival to look forward to. 

As ever the cretinous goons responsible will not feel the wrath they will deserve. It will be the little people. Just as it is those who suffer the economic collapses, so the breakdown of law and order will be the legacy of today's pygmy politicians probably luxuriating in some hideaway with Karzai, the Saudi Royal Family and their private armies of minders. It won't be anywhere near Londonistan or Brummystan.


  1. BernieInPipewell

    I totally agree. If I say any more I will probably regret it later.

  2. We are not welcome in our own country.

    This is the subliminal message that is being sent out by our own leaders who wish to complete the EU project and, have the UK a fully paid up member of the Eurozone.

    They will of course come to regret it.