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Sunday, 4 August 2013

Hardly Love For Sale.

Corporate Spooks Spooked.

It would be funny if the possibilities were not so awful. Not least the regimented and orchestrated but draconian demands placed on a whole population. Whilst communist and socialist idealists rant on about hereditary privilege, they turn a blind eye to the enslavement of such despotic and nepotistic outcomes, derived from the necessity to subjugate human nature.

The hugely expensive and mass displays, trotted out this past week, in North Korea, are a reflection of where the human race is deemed necessary to evolve. Huge numbers of automatons, not allowed one jot of self determination on pain of discovery and terrible punishment.

Thus a network of espionage on its own people, manipulation of reality and execution for minor infringements are all used to to maintain a horrendous dictatorship. So when we learn that our own Government is prepared to reveal the intimate details of its own citizens to the rapacious appetite of another State, in this case the ever deteriorating USA freedoms, we should be alarmed. 

As with the USSR and East Germany's Stazi,  as depicted in "The Lives Of Others", when this control reaches a certain level, love itself becomes a cause for critical surveillance. In this instance I look at these North Korean parades and wonder how so many lives function under this terrible regimentation.

I suspect any sense of reality, life, the luxury of sexual choice of partner and freedom to laugh and cry at will, are all reserved for an elite and powerful few. In The West that is becoming scarily the case, too. As populations  explode beyond control it does seem as only a small and privileged political grouping will remain free of an otherwise despotic and unpleasant existence.

In order to begin to develop the scenario suggested, information is critical. The Sunday Times leads its front page with a story straight out of The Stazi play book . Since we know GCHQ are happy to prostitute our tax paid snoopers' data base, why not expect Crosby to buy the same material? Why stop at UKIP members and officials? 

We then have to endure Hague's pathetic criticisms of Mugabe's election shenanigans, joined in a similarly hypocritical vein by Obummer. All the time this moronic political cabal is privy to all kinds of things we can only guess at. Even so it is hardly guesswork to know for whom power and control is meant to benefit. You have it, our old friends, the political, corporate, Mafia allied, banking fraudsters. 

Their goal? To head and create dynasties on a global scale in the image of North Korea. The EUSSR a template, endorsed and controlled by the last "want to rule the world" fanatics in Germany. However we look at life today, only Snowden, Assange and Bradley Manning appear to stand between an accelerated global North Korea and a free world. Not an exactly large opposition, is it?

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