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Friday, 2 August 2013

Globalised Socialism Affects Down Under.

So OR Learnt Yesterday.

As Mrs OR approaches her 2013 NGS season end we were most privileged and pleased to entertain new neighbours and family from Australia. In balmy late afternoon temperatures, akin to a late Aussie winter's day, we enjoyed conversation and a pleasant drink outdoors. During the latter minutes of tour sojourn, we touched on politics and the recent events surrounding the musical chairs of Australian recent events.

From that discussion I was fascinated to learn that the BBC and UK media's position on the state of our Commonwealth cousins is not as given. As with all things socialist, what you are permitted to see is not what you get. If we throw into the mix the ancestral links of Ms Gillard to our own Welsh Windbag, Kinnock, the similarities are many. 

Not just their ghastly political leanings, long dispensed with by Kinnock's ever growing wealth and dynasty but in the infiltration into Danish politics with a woman of similar persuasion to Ms Gillard! Perhaps we will live to see a trio of such women gather at Harridan Harman's London Gaff, perhaps with the ginger lookalike, from a discredited past, Blears.

I shouldn't jest. This ever frequent evidence, from all over the Planet, of socialism in the raw and their obsession with minority favouritism, is an affront to democracy, where it is supposed to be the majority will which prevails. As it is we suffer the rise of inadequate and ill equipped, powerful entities, ready to destroy all the good history has shown us as the way to go.

History such as a United Kingdom and a national culture capable of rising above the petty elements of globalisation and big is beautiful, when all the evidence is that it is bad. To learn of that vast open spaces of Australia are prey to the ills of Europe is very sad but probably further proof of the plans, either accidentally or by design, coming to fruition with the connivance of Common Purpose.  Have a nice weekend!

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