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Monday, 5 August 2013

Crooks Rule, OK.

A Scandal Bought Off.

We mostly encounter EUSSR interference and control of our lives via the weakness of our once Sovereign Parliament and the enthusiastic implementation by Judges and Mandarins of anything likely to catapult them up the pecking order of a future federal State. What is less publicised or made known are the preparations behind the scenes to complete our subjugation.

Such EU measures, to put in place the ability to suppress and control, are quire alarming. Notwithstanding the huge sums of money set aside for propaganda to hide the underhand activities, we also need to consider the military ambitions that are already, as farage says, sinister.

One of the biggest dangers is also to be located via this link. Delve deeper into this subject and you should get a tingle of fear to match the latest well received horror film genre.

Now consider, if you will, the mindset of the report, out today, on the compensation to Mr Tomlinson's family. I suggest to you the attitude of police hierarchical figures is also well entrenched, like judges and Mandarins, in the lure of career and wealth giving opportunities to be had in the upper reaches of future EUSSR career structures.

Those mindsets to include a policing strategy with one eye on large re-enforcements available, with a quick phone call to Brussels if they were deemed necessary. A mindset that suppression of demonstrations are likely to be regarded as desirable in the eyes of the EU Commissioners as they strive to become the ruling elite of a Federal and all powerful EUSSR. The words of this woman below give me a creepy feeling as to their tone and similarity to edicts justifying many EU crack downs such as in Athens and Madrid.

Of all of the words spoken, those least convincing are the ones claiming to take full responsibility. Were they sincere, she should, along with all those involved in selecting the thug Harwood, as a riot control officer, be gone and their fat pensions used to offset the payment to the the Tomlinson family. As it stands it's we tax payer sheeple, as ever, who will pick up yet another tab to disguise incompetence and conspiracy.

Still, if you have a moment read the extract below and at least read between the lines of how we are controlled and manipulated, in this modern society. The forerunner of a National Socialist Europe, once the dream of  an earlier such style of Socialism. One also steeped in the socialist dogma that only ever leads to loss of freedom.

Ms de Brunner said it was a "matter of deep regret that Mr Tomlinson's family learned of the nature of his contact with Simon Harwood through the press", and the commissioner also apologised for the information given by a Met Police officer to the pathologists "that misled them initially as to the cause of death".

"While we are satisfied that the officer's actions were inadvertent, and not designed to mislead the pathologists  (yeah, sure.),  this should not have happened and I apologise to the family for the additional distress it caused them," she said.

Ms de Brunner said: "I take full responsibility for the actions of Simon Harwood on 1 April 2009. His actions fell far below the standard we expect from our officers. I accept the finding of the inquest that Mr Tomlinson was unlawfully killed."

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  1. The only thing that give me comfort in these times is that Nicolae Ceausescu didn't see it coming!