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Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Can Tides Shift?

Whatever The Sea.

My blog allows me to vent frustrations and sometimes just writing of despair at the nature of our ever changing and deteriorating Nation, brings a degree of release. I have been very saddened that, as the tide of change, brought by a large improvement in awareness of UKIP's ability to puncture, albeit as yet a pin prick,  the seafaring capabilities of ConLibLab, important and gifted bloggers have chosen to post against them.

I really detect a greater level of concentration in Government at getting at least the PR better presented, in order to deflect the swelling flood tide of support for UKIP. Underpants Bryant was drawn into an embarrassing gaff, just this week, on the immigration issues overwhelming the jobless figures, NHS and benefit costs. We can thank Farage and UKIP for this outbreak of realism in the three stooge parties. Those claiming to be different, whilst adhering to the Civil Service EUSSR agenda like glue.

Despite Richard North's and Autonomous Mind's feelings about Farage, Raedwald hits a spot I frequently like to aim at. That is that UKIP are the only Party offering change. Not least a change designed to address the terrible problems mass immigration are causing. A 2014 kicking of the Establishment and same old pals in Parliament and disarray in 2015, would be delicious.

Read and weep and if not shocked sufficiently, try and refresh your memory on Labours' death for votes record. Naturally the NHS and mortal failings on a grand scale quite rightly dominate the catalogue of awful travesties besetting us all. Life time dedications to saving for one's dotage pillaged by political Snotty glad handing. That matter just one of Gordon Brown's enduring legacy of an economy devastated.

I digress. Of all the aspects of our present day malaise, one thing is paramount. Common Purpose designed to bring together a coterie of the powerful. Be they despots such as Mugabe, EUSSR unelected socialist indoctrinated bureaucrats or just plain gangsters and drug lords, it is of no matter. Their grip over us all is like mint. 

In order to begin to pull up the roots of corruption and nepotism infecting our planet, somehow we need a change of direction. One such as we are witnessing in Egypt. For all the horror of this present scenario, behind it is a passionate desire for an individual, secular, non Islamic existence. Our Common Purpose cabals are horrified that one of the instruments used to brow beat us, their Western cultural independence of spirit, is itself the subject of mass dissent, in a place they never expected.

Time is running out. We need to leave the political shackles of The EUSSR, (trade would continue, if carefully reconstructed under fair agreements) and help bring down this "Morsi" style, Federal EUSSR every bit as awful as Morsi's. An excellent prĂ©cis here.  From which I quote;  

“But the problem was that it became more and more apparent that the Brotherhood was intent not on building a democratic administration, but a new regime. Following a mixed start with ups and downs, Morsi and the Brotherhood suffered a massive blow after his November constitutional declaration. This was followed by continued and gradual erosion of faith for months. In his most infamous act, Morsi astonishingly saw it justifiable to give himself the power to unilaterally amend the constitutional declaration. He officially declared himself, albeit temporarily until his specific purposes for the time were achieved, immune to any judicial review in an act reminiscent of cartoonish fictional takes on autocrats.”. Or should that be Eurocrats!

He was also in a rush.The same attitudes exist in the slow, creeping journey to a totalitarian Federal Europe. I see no other vehicle we can use, bar UKIP, in the UK, to dent this progress. It is also the only one which might garner, just might, sufficient funding to purchase a seat at the table. In a word, UKIP is one last chance I see for "hope."

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