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Friday, 9 August 2013

August Shut Down Of The EUSSR.

Why Not Make It Permanent.

The consequences of occupation, for that is what the single currency controlled from Berlin and Brussels is, without the troops, as yet. If matters threaten, as they may well do, to get out of hand for the occupying economic storm troopers, then I could easily foresee a more obvious presence of oppression.

Nevertheless, when the shadowy agents of the EUSSR take their undeserved, tax payer subsidised holidays, as with our own cretinous wastes of space in Westminster and Whitehall, we hardly notice their absence. Thus my question posed in the blog title. 

Overnight Greek bartering, in exchange for real money, that is anything but the ridiculous euro, could take off. Within weeks foreign exchange transactions alone could provide thousands of new jobs. Then Greece could produce a new bartering voucher and call it the drachma voucher. 

Before August was out, the "voucher" suffix could be dropped. Then every dollar,pound, rouble or yen, could be exchanged for drachma. Special stores could be opened for barter, accepting and saving the "vouchers" and create new building spaces to keep said IOUs. These to be named Greek voucher deposit box storage facilities..

Then Government employees could be asked to accept the "vouchers" for use all over Greece. Produce and all other domestic trades could be recruited to utilise this domestic exchange system. Soon goods would have an identifiable voucher value inside Greece, free from the draconian costs of a "common" and uncontrollable currency, manipulated for foreign advantage and Federal benefit, only.

Without such a direction, unlikely to be acceptable to the EUSSR ECB, then the continued savage penury and outside dictatorship will remain in place. In the coming months, 27.6% overall unemployment and 64.9% youth jobless  figures will look positively bearable. Any further need of bail out will copy the Cypriot template of savage theft of peoples' life savings and hard won investments in pensions.

If we examine the state of affairs, whilst those responsible bask in their own abject failure, we should note well the terrible situation in Greece and elsewhere and see it for what it is. A monumental cock up born of hubris, greed and utter, unbearable arrogance. We would do well to make the holiday season, for these people, permanent but somewhere less attractive than their yachts and private jet  favoured  destinations.

August in Greece would be a much better option without this lot. I suspect their total incomes, combined, are more than the present Greek GDP. Bear in mind they all receive in excess of  250000 euros per annum plus perks.  Enjoy their absence for the rest of August.

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