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Sunday, 7 July 2013

Two Whole Days In!

Here We Go Already!

Infrastructure meltdown gathers pace. Our tax system and rip off culture is already well advanced in the art of brazen theft. Yet it seems the sheeples are so cowed down as to be totally unable to "fink" sufficiently to realise the dreadful way the world is being set up, for a few, at the colossal expense of the many. At least Trade Union leaders realise they have to latch on to the greed of political and corporate designers of our ever growing purgatory. As with their erstwhile targets in the Bilderberger camp, McCluskey and his ilk are every bit as determined to suppress their memberships' interests to claim the privileges they pretend to mock in public and covet in private.

Were any of these individuals of whom I write had one jot of philanthropy we might have a degree of hope. However, all we get is the never ending, albeit predictable, drip drip of propaganda. Such as the climate change scams and ridiculous "green" energy, with its  grotesquely ignorant ill researched stupidity.. As already mentioned, just two days into this lovely warm spell, the whingers and doomsayers are abroad. Never once do these cretins mention the officially recognised damage to our need for water and energy demand was brought about deliberately.

Despite all of this, this wonderful summer weather is set fair for some time to come. Those creatures of the misery media persuasion can drum up and bang on all they like about the negatives employed against anything pleasurable, when such weather abounds we do feel better. To that end, I'm off later for afternoon tea and a garden party. Just about as old English as it gets! Have a great afternoon, including the sport!

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