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Sunday, 21 July 2013

The New England.

Quickly And Stealthily Invaded.

A summer's day in Brumistan.

In my lifetime The United Kingdom has been colonised beyond all sense. Unlike those times the British did their own colonisations, the advantages of the reverse movement has been less than worthwhile. Even so, the methods used by Government and interested parties, to subdue the British and bamboozle them into the multicultural nightmare now present, remain prevalent.

Positive discrimination, a racist agenda in favour of all things not Anglo Saxon and an overwhelming of our infrastructure and resources, matters not a jot to those instrumental in but safely protected from, the consequences. The lack of publicity as to the Brumistan protests yesterday are but one of the ways the compliant media is employed to keep inconvenient matters off the front pages.

Any reporting we do get pours scorn and hate on the heads of those disenfranchised, by the determined Left, to have a multicultural dominance in favour of any race or religion, tribe or  allegiance, so long as ancient traditions and Christian teaching can be ignored. I would point out that the descent into a third world Nation, too poor to feed or nurture its population, will still impact on the underclass and immigrant ghettoes every bit as much as the rest of us, outside the privileged few.

I wonder if any of those responsible for the slums, now scarring every town and city in Britain, ever go to those places, ever. Certainly not late at night when they are patrolled by gangs of marauding youths and drug dealing bandits and parasitic pimps. I wonder if any of those responsible have ever spent time explaining the ever present grooming mobs of Asians still, despite all the evidence, operating seemingly untouchable throughout the land.

The litany of problems, self inflicted on our society, is almost endless. Dirty and overwhelmed hospitals, schools and back garden sheds is nigh on an insurmountable situation with little hope of being solved. The debate is always stifled by platitudinous rhetoric such as how we couldn't cope without immigrant labour. The logic of the fact that we would need far fewer, in a smaller population or that we have circa six million unemployed, anyway, is never allowed discussion.

So when protests, such as by the EDL, are noticed, they are immediately disregarded by those less prepared to debate anything, as is the wont of all things Left wing. Such is the power of the Left, signified by the smug arrogance of the BBC,  the very idea that anything bad ever emanates from that quarter is comfortably ignored. 

What is never considered is what this childish attitude holds in store for the future. The never ending suppression of reality, as considered by the Left, does not give one moment's thought to history. Europe, by design, is a mess. An article in the Sunday Times magazine of today shows how Paris, like London and other major cities, now play host to a black, violent underclass of drug runners, pimps and displaced, disaffected people. This cauldron, simmering ever hotter, will boil over.

I can make that last statement in the knowledge it already has, on many occasions. One day it will all erupt in such a manner as to be too large for the authorities to quell. Then those areas, to date immune from the creation they have happily made, will feel the wrath engendered. Mayfair and Knightsbridge and other perceived bastions of the BBC coteries, would quickly realise the error of their decades of superior ignoring of their own, small closet minds.

As Enoch Powell said, "We must be mad". How mad is yet to be realised but we had a glimpse when Gunner Rigby was butchered in broad daylight. That was not a one off and it will get worse. So rather than arrogantly dismiss the EDL as that heinous group of never to be ever listened to, the Right, we could do worse than at least offer a momentary consideration as to why they are who they are and say what they say.

By not listening to protest we only hasten the inevitable bloodbath that, what we have put together, will demand, as a way of resolving the differences and clash of cultures we all, in our hearts, know, is a terrifying failure. 


  1. This war's coming and the left can't wait to revive their 1930's model.

    Unfortunately we make ourselves easy targets by going down the EDL route or stay calm and wait for the socialist thugs to knock on our doors.

    I hope the bastards are happy when the blood starts flowing.

    Good post OR.

  2. The one person who could have stopped this looked the other way because she was told your position wont change. Stood back when that idiot Brown gave our country away. But what goes around comes around but the time this royal baby is ready to rule there wont be a country any more.

  3. There can be no doubt that Tommy Robinson is a national hero, a working man with the insight and instincts of a new Arthur.
    The day will come when the scales fall from the peoples' eyes and they will see the BBC and the dead tree press for what they are, vehicles for the mass conditioning of the people.

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  5. A great, inspired post, OR, and my thanks as ever for your insight and lucidity.

    Nothing to add but please keep doing what you do, and God bless and keep you.