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Wednesday, 17 July 2013

The Grip Isn't Gripping.

At Least For The Rest Of Us.

How nice if the cronyism of Whitehall was punctured by sacking this cretin. Hunt is chasing windmills every bit as useless and expensive as modern day wind farm turbines. Note, as ever, the manner in which the politicians and their cohorts in the NHS management and Whitehall corridors are in-fighting for political gain whilst the deaths of ordinary people and the real NHS struggles on under the grip and weight of these dinosaurs of "Government" uselessness.

Let us all hope that in spite of the top down heavy burden the NHS as shackled to, somehow common sense might prevail. For starters consider proper ways of reducing the burden of numbers. That means people. No child benefit after two children, closed immigration policies and a departure from the political correctness infecting our health service.

Sadly, such is the political perception, nurtured by all three main parties that the NHS is a sacred cow, nothing is likely to change. Other than, that is, we shall see a gradual decline continuing until we reach the level of third world, overcrowded slum hospitals and clearing stations. It will not be pleasant.


  1. I refer my right Hon friend to this litle gem form the LibLabCon propaganda dept (nutters division)our troubles are over Praise The LibLabCon

    Read this and weep.

    Kind Regards

    Judd...who's not whether to laugh like some demented tortured soul or cry.

  2. Straight out of the gerrymandering Westminster manual. More older people means a greater rate of mortality and an eventual balancing of population. That brings about less demand on resources. Trouble is that's common sense not Common Purpose!