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Saturday, 27 July 2013

The Death Of Sport.

Or Sporting Suicide.

This is just the latest example of a "role" model such as those beloved of our global marketing world. When athletics were truly amateur and fame and fortune not bedfellows of exorbitant greed glory and pride was sufficient to satisfy prowess. Once upon a time, pretty well the fifties and sixties, even footballers had corner shops and mostly came from the same area as their team's ground.

Today riches beyond imagination await those able to feature in the TV  coverage used to market dreams to the couch potato, obese viewers of now tainted commercial enterprises passing or rather masquerading as sport. All of the industry employed in the enterprises are tainted irrevocably.

From the gangster need to launder drug money and other profits from global crime to the expensive supply of performance enhancing drugs, our world is tainted by all concerned. Be they the politicians who turn a blind eye or worse are in cahoots, or the corporations and sponsors of the charade once known as sport, what we see or are shown is never competitive or genuine any more.

Footballers clubbing and desperate for "kicks", pun intended, are easy prey to the purveyors of easy pleasures. Gate receipts are easily manipulated to cover vast sums quietly fed back to the criminal need for "clean" funds. Performance enhancing "drinks" in ready supply and sufficient funds are available to deter any overly enthusiastic drug testing.

As for Formula One. A Mafia style dwarf at its head is but one known bit of crookedness behind the not so secret scenes. No real racing ever takes place and what tit bits are allowed to be seen, without exorbitant subscription, are as boring as it can be. The breathless excitement and false bonhomie of weary commentators about the battle for twelfth is almost funny were it not for the banality of a "sport" which just doesn't deserve the adjective.

Then there are athletics. Boring beyond measure, in the main. Where excellence and success is visible, the doubts must always be considered. Chris Froome got such pressure in the Tour de France but Bolt is still fêted without a whiff of suspicion. As are many athletes, usually of a darker skinned persuasion and able to hide behind a degree of political correctness. What also rankles is they are given temporary suspensions when a total life ban should be instantly given.  

Still, we are all supposed to put up and shut up. So called sport is big business and ergo, should not be questioned. As with Banks and corrupt politicians, EU gravy trains and the cosy world of ill gotten riches, only those who are beneficiaries are really allowed the luxury of genuine sport. That is playing games with little peoples' lives.

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