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Tuesday, 23 July 2013

The Boy Didn't Shine.

PR Guru Or Poor Intellect?

That was a damp squib. Our PM continues to bask in the shadows of PR mediocrity. He may have smarmed wormed his way into the top job but his qualifications, just as his three predecessors, leave much to be desired. The glorious weather, the possible economic, small, recovery and now a Royal baby to fund, he has become insufferably smug.

Carried away with easily garnered popularity, by pretending to embrace UKIP clothes, hardly accounts for his sudden self belief he's the new Churchill. Bliar, yes but 90% of the Nation hate that man with a passion. Furthermore his anti Christian values may have got him the pink vote but why he thinks that's an election winner is beyond me.

I suspect the pink Civil Service hierarchy took him down that road. Since he's easily sidetracked and quick to seize perceived imagery of greatness, suggested by erstwhile sycophants advisers, it's little wonder he also, post Parliamentary three months off for bad behaviour, grabbed what was advised as a good PR "initiative" in thumping the table over internet child porn and abuse.

Now I'll tell the Boy this. If he created a climate of fear for those engaged in paedophile behaviour at every level of society, I might offer a modicum of congratulation. As it is he is presiding over a huge cover up of those top echelon of known child abusers. Not least those ensconced in the BBC and the corridors of Whitehall.

This but one example appears not to trouble The Boy one jot. He witters on about a by-product of these despicable abusers and killers of innocence  and says not a word about the BBC's love of all things depraved. Nope, all he can consider is a grab at end of term glory, by running round the studios and media opportunities, gurning his "ain't life grand", self absorbed, smirking pompousness and the superior air of the privileged, well educated but unintelligent, modern career politician.

It could be worse, as ever is the case. Our Milibad took a terrible mauling from the Unions only to be kicked on the ground by the Boy, when he was down. No more than deserved but it does leave us with an impasse over the summer. An Opposition tarred and feathered by their paymasters,  to such a degree, the population were alerted to the unsuitability of voting for the Trotsky Popular Front, as represented by the dinosaurs of the Trades Unions, is a gift to the morality light Tories.

Mind you, we do have EUSSR elections next year. If they go as expected, all three of the moronic main Party leaders will be holding blood stained hankies to their noses. So if they carry on as they are, for a few more months, even Wayne and Tracy might clock they are so badly led by their noses to hell in a handcart as to wake up and vote for none of them!

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  1. Your link to Cuthulan's paedo list could be unfortunate: he is still libelling (the extremely vindictive, compensation-seeking) Lord McA over the north Wales home, when the perpetrator is now thought to be the good lord's cousin.