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Saturday, 20 July 2013

Spot The Difference.

Two Teeth Lost, Suspensions Ensue.

Soldier butchered and crowds throng the streets, when advised of the cortège on the day, of course. The day before, his arrival was kept quiet. I wonder why? Two days mourning prohibited, perhaps? 

However, our gun toting, machete wielding, Muslim would be martyr, of the highest possible calibre a human spirit can harbor, at least with the aid of some mind bending chemical assistance, faces decades of legal wrangling in the now familiar Abu Quatada mode. In the week Gunner Rigby is laid to rest our pillar of upright goodness has sacrificed two of his gnashers to the cause.

The black is great, white is bad  industry is gearing up for a full blown tirade in support for our dear "Bro", as his future wealth slowly begins to turn embryonic, in the offices of some, yet to be appointed, legal parasite. Even as I write the lives of five prison officers are turned upside down for doing their impossible job of coping with the enforced nightmare unfolding, that is multicultural mayhem and extreme violence.

A police investigation is in full swing to counter the bleeding heart lefties revelling in the chaos imposed by the, oh so familiar, lefty stupidity and hubris. A good example is probably enshrined in these particular strange goings on. Always the emphasis is on the "rights" of the coloured races and vilification and guilt hung on the shoulders of generations to come of, somewhat innocent ,descendants of 19th century, ancient empirical ambition, long since paid for in blood and wealth.

As The EDL continue, unfairly, to be branded in the same image as that of the BNP, with this weekend's presence in Brumistan, the focus of attempts to smear genuine protest, I proffer these thoughts. Our lad in custody will likely consider his two pegs worth a vast fortune. Well, how about we determine that for every penny spent on those pearly whites, accidentally made available for eBay consideration, the late Lee Rigby's family get double?

We could go further. For every penny spent in investigating the Lawrence, age old, bleeding heart Company business,  we spend double on treating the consequences of political failure, in the global meddling beloved of our establishment, corporate enslaved, governments? Such as in this troubled instance.

Naturally it will never happen. At least in the one direction we are forced to accept as unworthy, as opposed to the other, whereby we are expected to hand over everything we hold dear, to assuage the ever growing demands of our imported and horrendous, aggressive immigrant fanatics. I suggest these mass ghetto builders of depravity will never be happy until they impose their version of the South African Rainbow Nation, so wonderful and gentle as to be beyond reproach, as we are forced to accept the underlying racist intended genocidal  possible future. 

Of all the outpourings over Mandela's age related issues, my horror was realised when good old Winnie began circling the fading Mandela, soon to become the treasure trove that will be his shrine. As the renting of the not yet deceased, quite, body, is being paraded before the world, I couldn't fail but notice the wealth dripping from his harem of female family members. How quickly their ability, to mimic the same corrupt theft of the peoples' riches, so prevalent in The West, has come about.

The only difference between this crowd in South Africa and our own, newly established, Rainbow culture, is the African based propensity to revel in vicious and barbaric killing and disfigurement in order to achieve their dictatorship, through fear, governance. The idea that deranged, black, Muslim fanatics might carry out the bloody and evil slaughter of whites, on the streets of London, is surely preposterous, isn't it? 

When all is said and done we have been promised by Bliar and then Snotty and now Camoron, our sacrifices in illegal conflicts are to keep our streets safe. The very idea that fanatical Muslims could be given benefits, housing, cars and riches, together with millions of pounds of legal aid to repair their dental mishaps, is ridiculous. No, we can rest easy that right will prevail. Utopia is assured and we shall all copy the example of Northern Ireland and ensure Adebalajo can look forward to a career as a future successor to Michael Gove. Ain't life grand!

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  1. ***applause*** Very, very well said. An excellent blog.
    I totally agree with everything you've said and I couldn't have put it better. Ye Gods, when will it all end? If I was 30 years younger I'd get out of this cesspit of a country. What is it that drives certain liberal/lefty British to hate their own kind?.... Shakes head in despair.