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Friday, 5 July 2013

Some Are Born To Greatness.

Some Are Left Wing Bullies.

I'm not sure how the spat came about between Milibad and this ghastly would be our Dictator. Dubious office sexual liaisons , (sex for MP job?),  leftie chip on the shoulder inadequacy and a host of inbred, inner circle favouritism, such as Mr Harriet Harman, aka Dromey, all go in to this mix of rather shady and unpleasant cronyism. Then there is the other fatty and sex god like Adonis and stylish, highly intelligent wannabe Labour leader and Prime Minister. Another star among we mere mortals. A legend in his own mind.

How delicious it is to observe this clash of London "sophisticates" falling out with their ostensibly tame oiks and working class, union membership robber barons! For decades the Unions have diverted their members subscriptions to fancy London flats. and expensive life styles.

As for McCluskey. I suggest his rather aggressive approach to politics and the Nation lies in his inability to understand style, intelligence and learning. He's a dinosaur who, like Scargill, is more than happy to support a Labour Party that has destroyed this country and condemned his members to immigrant dominated ghettoes, joblessness and the mercy of drugs and gangster loan sharks.

Sure the LibLabCon history has and remains, compliant in wishing to create a state of affairs where they, Union Bosses,  get a place at the Bilderberger top table, if they deliver their erstwhile and gullible members votes and money. I still find it sickening, however, how easily they fall into the lavish world they purport to abhor. Hypocrisy is so ingrained in the Left. It makes them even more hateful, doesn't it? Still, no matter how Unite's leader hammers the good life, he still has to look in any surviving mirrors, each morning!

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