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Sunday, 28 July 2013

Shut Up!


What a travesty this is. More damning evidence of uncontrolled mass immigration endemically inserted into our Civil Servant classes by Labour and their scorched earth policies and gerrymandering. Yet despite overwhelming evidence of the social disaster around us the present Government do nothing. Only compound the now evident nightmare their predecessors evil gerrymandering has wrought.

That the scandal of uncontrolled borders, heavily supported, except financially, by The EUSSR unelected scum, continues unchallenged by Camoron and Downing Street, goes to show the paucity of leadership and lack of action, which is becoming dangerously close to exploding in violent protest. As for Labour trotting out  underpants Bryant, some role model of prurience, he.

That not one murmur of concern emanates from the wind factory that is politics today, shows the utter contempt shown to the sacrifices of war and history these Islands have made. Sacrifices now falling on the weak, elderly and vulnerable as resources are plundered and squandered to the riff raff and chancers of the Global corporate manipulation of poverty, hunger and need.

Hospitals are creaking under the strain, schools teaching classes unable to use English as their first language, roads and housing swamped with billions of pounds of delay and decay. The consequences are with us now and they are dreadful for all concerned. Still not a murmur from our Dave as he relaxes in luxury and self congratulation for his perceived legend in his own mind. 

A man, like all in power, deluded and stupid. None able to do more than play the violin, despite warnings from Egypt, Syria and elsewhere that there is a breaking point. As January 2014 approaches we all know the next influx of, unwanted in their own lands, Romanian and Bulgarian, economic migrants flood our shores, hands held out for the benefits already long gone, in reality, part of our £1.4 TRILLION DEBT.

A debt incapable of repayment in our grandchildren's lives. A debt only repayable if we began real cuts now. Which is most unlikely, isn't it? Closing down all immigration for twenty years and shrinking demand by shutting up shop to all but those able to pay their way, is the only answer. That needs a withdrawal from The EUSSR and all it represents in federal incapability, senseless mass population control and social engineering. 

Unfortunately doing what is common sense and natural behaviour just doesn't gel with those tasked beyond their abilities in what passes for Government. Were that so the entire Home Office staff would be dismissed, pensions removed and charges of criminal negligence brought. Notwithstanding the expense, locking up those responsible for our terrible National decay would be much cheaper than giving them peerages and yet more undeserved gravy.

Whilst we're at it lock up the Met Office crowd, as well.


  1. Not sure about the comment on the Met Office. There are some corking gels who do the forecasts.

  2. And the reaction from government? 'Nothing to see here, move along.' They simply won't address the issues. It's a gross dereliction of their duty to the people of this nation.

  3. GV, we've not had a Government since Maggie was a victim of misogynistic rubbish.

  4. OK, Demetrius, we'll leave the gels be!