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Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Propensity For Hyperbole.

Yet Low Key Lethargy.

We were given very little fan fare and self congratulatory coverage of yet another basket case economy signing up to the dole queues of Europe. It is easy to understand the almost total news blackout, or is it embargo, the EUSSR is employing. Croatia is just another begging bowl economy, more likely to drain, even quicker, the wealth once enjoyed by the West German beneficiaries of the Cold War. So, if you are one of the privileged, EUSSR Commissioner Mafia, you don't really need to remind those being stealthily paupered, of another backward step.

The highly expensive propaganda machine, still run as Goebbels would have run it, seems very muted at the moment.This reticence however, has value insomuch as it keeps quiet the ever present nightmare unfolding. The accession of Croatia to the "Club" is only likely to benefit a few Croatian politicians and favoured few, who have delivered this "lamb" to the economic abattoir that is EU economic disaster. 

Unfortunately this drag anchor around the global market ship's hull is damaging to us all. Albeit it does seem those prepared to begin to look to other vessel,s to support a more enlightened voyage towards better climes, may be making better progress. After all with this state of affairs becoming endemic in the whole EUSSR, ere long, who in their right minds would hang around to watch it do a "Titanic" and suck them under with it?

Now The Boy Wonder and the rest of the UK establishment are still unable to grasp the perils attached to "rubber necking" this EU calamity, whilst real people, genuine hard working and decent, are getting on with the job. If this recovery continues to grow in strength, it will be in spite of Government, not because of them. Not only that, it will be a beacon to those about to sink with the Eutanic. The good ship HMS Carpathia!

 Now how ironic is that? The one major player that realised the single currency was just the tip of an ice berg about to tear this political confederate lunacy apart, is now the only member of the fleet able to survive the watery grave beckoning the rest. I do hope the EU Commission doesn't get to jump ship, albeit I see them rather as very much of the Ismay character. The links are quite remarkable in their analogy and metaphor. The builders of a doomed political philosophy as unpleasant as the builder of an erstwhile unsinkable vessel. Arrogance springs to mind!

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