Such a prescient, beautiful sentiment.

Thursday, 4 July 2013

People Power.

A Peoples' Army.

We get a Whitehall Warrior. Yet if we look at the people power shown in Egypt and supported by  people caring army, wham! Change. No chance for us, I guess. Too many peerages and sinecures to think about for our lot. Plus even when the reality of mass immigration is blazoned across the headlines, post an unnecessary Home Office expensive "report", to tell us what we have banged on about amongst ourselves, more mass immigration is about to hit from Eastern EUSSR Nomads.

How wonderful it would be if we could rely on police and military support if we sought to chuck out the moronic crowd in Westminster and their, not our, puppet masters in Brussels and Berlin. Well done the Egyptian people and their army. Whoever takes the reins next will know it's for the people first and not themselves. A lesson which Western Governments need teaching.

A lesson their dismal failure shows is wrapped up in their secrets possibly about to be exposed by the likes of Snowden. It's little wonder TPTB are desperate to stop him. Even to the embarrassing "hi-jack" of the Bolivian President! Here just might be enough information held to put us on the streets with the same passion as those in Cairo and Turkey. Long overdue.


  1. Perhaps not so far off as you might think.

    Saw this on YouTube. I thought it quite good and very revealing, especially as someone on another blog sometime ago mentioned something like this was planned.


  2. Blow Westminster, I wish our local garrison would take over the county council and sort our roads out. The council election had a less than the 25% vote which the Egyptian government had.