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Thursday, 25 July 2013

No Stone left Unturned....

In Finding No Evidence!

Oldrightie is a self-confessed conspiracy believer. I do not see it everywhere but I do in everything political. Including police operations and investigations. For a start all their activity is p rededicated on cost and prosecutions the gift, or not, of the CPS. The present boss of whom is one Keir Starmer. A Labour placement of a socialist red and Bollinger life style. Now standing down only to be replaced with another Government lackey. Plus facts such as "private" security firms. Firms, no doubt, staffed with directors and well paid sinecures, post "favours" rendered.

So it comes as little surprise that McCluskey's little games are to be hushed up and Milibad forced to toe the Union line. We can but hope that the potential massive drop in the theft levy on Union subs is carried through and McCluskey's six figure funded, luxury lifestyle, to which he has become accustomed, is also compromised. Ugly, chip on the shoulder, manic inferiority mongrel, that I believe he is.

Nevertheless, it is all a salutary lesson as to how the Unions are so deeply embedded in our Nation's power bases.  Not content in ruining car factories and closing coal mines, these ghastly, vindictive bullies, the storm troopers of the fascist Left, have inveigled themselves into the heart of our Civil Service and driven fear into the Mandarin lazy boys. Pun intended. To that end, my conspiracy gut tells me it is unhealthy and dangerous. More than ever Harald Wilson's or Callaghan's  sandwiches ever were!

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