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Thursday, 18 July 2013

It Ain't 'Alf 'Ot, Mum!

You Need To Be Told, Though!

You don't say.  Really? Authoritarian heatstroke hits the political and media arena. Just read this load of utter piffle, utter nannying and woeful rubbish. Public Health England, for goodness sake, who? Very Pippa Middleton without the gorgeous bum, telling everybody how, when it's hot it's, well, hot!

Another waste of space, expensive, duplicating and moronic QUANGO. I tremble at their salary bill used to promote what one brain cell amoeba would know to be sensible personal hygiene and welfare. Six million, at least, chase the boiling sun spot locations, every year, to cook themselves lobster pink and consume more fluid than than they can hold down. If a couple of thousand wasted pounds of bar crawl can't stop their pilgrimage to technicolour avenues around the intelligent desert spots of tropical climes, why would an expensive and authoritarian QUANGO edict help?

Indeed is not this "how to stay cool and well" in a heatwave an insult to our 30 million immigrants from the world's climate, as well as war torn, hot spots an insult? OK, the ill bred, crap educated underclass from our own ethnic pinko races are unable to comprehend factor 50 or the word "shade", why should we assume our sun protected, duskier brethren, need a lecture? A bit racist, possibly, or politically incorrect!

I'm sorry, this media frenzy and QUANGO outbreak of sheer climate banality is ridiculous. Just enjoy it and hope the clowns pestering us all get their come-uppance and succumb to heat exhaustion, in their efforts to tell us all the bleeding obvious!


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