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Monday, 15 July 2013

How Not To Be In The Dark.

Burn Oil!

Back in January,  as we shivered or paid extortionate sums to keep warm and windmills stared motionless into their own icy reflections, this news was barely mentioned. However we can rest assured its global impact on politics and strategic economics, will be immense. Just as shale gas will prove in America.

It is also probable that the Australians will gain far more from the bonanza than ever we Brits did, under the ridiculous manner Labour squander all it ever inherits of value. Not least its pet icons, as discussed by Raedwald. Further to this consideration for our Aussie cousins, are the other ramifications which are almost daily peeing on the green and eco loon lobbies. We can but hope this lunacy can be halted before it's too late and our skies and country side lose forever the sound and sights of birdsong.

The more the propaganda of fear, beloved of the globalisation sales forces in the guise of career politicians, holds sway that energy and fossil fuels will run out ere long, the more our future as a species will be threatened. Not by "wicked" fossil fuels but the very opposite in turning our back on a God given natural source of energy.

As for the CO2 myths here is a biggy exploding the whole scam for its stupidity and the terrible price present and future generations will have to pay. My only difficulty in all of this dreadful manipulation by our old friends, the political, corporate and gangster cartels, is to understand how, despite a constant rebuttal of their collective stupidity, centred on hubris and greed, is never questioned.

 Perhaps Murdoch will invest in his native oil fields and promote them world wide in a drive to inform readers of his newspapers of their being duped at best, rogered silly, at worst, by his friends in high  places. We sure as hell need something to wake up the dullards who happily allow the green energy scams and EUSSR beneficiaries to go unpunished. Maybe this evolving, long, hot summer may bring out an explosion of common sense!

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  1. My winter bill - and I was hardly excessive - was beyond my means to pay. Something has to give.