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Saturday, 6 July 2013

Hot On The Heels.

More Fun To Be Had!

Is there nothing the greens don't pollute?  Or the warmists contradict? Or endless making reality fit fiction? Is this not all so predictable? One lovely day of possibly a great summer ahead and immediately the spoil sport ignoramus media are off with their misery making scare stories.

The only consistent narrative of all these doom-sayers is their inconsistency and fitting circumstances to fit their cock-eyed nonsense. Just one day in and the litany of falsehoods and tree feeling press mania kicks off. Dead tree press is aptly named. Note, too, how their gobbling up of trees is never mentioned.

So much manipulation. Often by omission of real facts and truths. The BBC has gone orbital over Egypt and the lovely, cuddly Arab people. Not one mention of the other very dark side of these primitives. either in Africa or The Middle East. Here and here and yet again. Hardly civilised behaviour but from the BBC you would think it never happened. They are complicit by censorship and as despicable as their paedophile Savile history informs us.

Nevertheless, where climate and warming is concerned, those pushing that agenda are laughable and worthy of ridicule, as we enjoy a long overdue spell of weather we were told wouldn't happen for five to ten years! Have a great summer weekend and do not get burnt!

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