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Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Hell On Earth.

The UK, Home For The Scum Of Europe.

Political ineptitude fermenting constantly.

As if our own underclass were not bad enough to have to share our world with, the great and the not so good political and Establishment classes lurch from one mega disaster to another. Our EUSSR wunderkind see the UK as a dumping ground for the dregs of their Superstate ambition and our political bastards suck it all up and plead for more and more. This pair came here in 2006. How many more horrendous drug addicted trailer trash do we need? How many due in January?

As for the main perpetrators of our open door nightmare, about to be exacerbated by the present cretinous Whitehall filth, along with their quite pathetically useless waste of space known as Westminster, just remember this porky little chub and his banal response to the last home grown child murderers and sadistic killers. Talk about wanting to weep for the poor little mites. As I write our idiots in charge are soon to open our floodgates to the next hundreds of thousands of God only knows, what.

The human race really is a contrast in existence. Rare goodness swamped daily by the greed, brutality and sheer nastiness of those so desperately part of the darkness that is socialism. Their destruction of excellence and dismantling of ambition to do well is now ingrained in our education system and staffed by illiterate Gulag teachers clinging to socialist dogma have much to answer for.

Good manners, decency, cleanliness and honesty were once the staple of good nurturing. Not any more. Today the fall of Western civilisation is making the draconian and misogynistic fanaticism of Islamic influence almost acceptable. Certainly if family life and caring for each other, based on a creed of some value, were to be victorious over what passes for a civilised but in reality an ever growing Sodom and Gomorrah, which is worse? 

We are quick to highlight barbaric behaviour by other people but are we that clever at avoiding our own? Baby P and now this latest ghastly murder are but two examples of a society out of control, under resourced and ruined by mass immigration. The ability of scarce and expensive agencies to monitor and prevent drug addicts, gangsters and the rest of a greed obsessed culture from overwhelming the rest of us, is long gone.

Never mind, Camoron, Milibad and the  EUSSR perpetrators of this awfulness, not least the likes of Mandleson consider themselves above it all. However when we observe the lack of any real sense of urgency for justice, for those abused over decades, by the powerful, we can be assured their, the Mandy cohorts,  holidays, will not go short of young people to torture and abuse. That this latest pair of drug addled, sadistic monsters, are trailer trash is their and our misfortune. Had they been better connected, the poor boy's body might never have been found. As I'm sure a good number of other victims have not.

You may think I lay everything bad in our United (not) Kingdom at the door of mass immigration. I do not. Except for this. We have always had a rotten core of unpleasant and criminal elements within our midst. It's human nature. Why we choose to swell those numbers through dreadful lack of common sense is beyond me. Check out which Countries are the happiest. Always those with the smaller populations. Not rocket science is it?

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  1. I agree, OR. I couldn't bear to read the full details of this case. This pair should be deported pronto but we know it will never happen. It's gone too far and the only way we will be able to re-assert our own laws is via Article 50 of the Lisbon Treaty; either that or a People's Revolt - not against 'Right' or 'Left' but against Government. Bad times ahead if the LibLabCon don't listen.