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Monday, 1 July 2013


Insensitive Idiocy. 

Would you credit this fact. A large group of workers, numbering, historically, circa some 600 people, were discovered to be fiddling their income to a degree of arrogant, self serving greed that beggared belief. After the odd minuscule slap on the wrist they decided they would have an independent body to determine their future theft money for old rope.

Now this august body, no doubt staffed with smug establishment gravy boat pourers have come up with a "review" suggesting a massive pay hike for this bunch of nincompoops. I use this word for the following reasons. Since 1997 they have squandered the nations wealth on futile, illegal and rigged reasons for  war, happily presided over gay marriage, same sex "rights", bailed out crooked, Libor rigging, market and currency fiddling bankers, accepted without a murmur mass, gerrymandering immigration, enforced and  imposed legally binding multiculturalism, with positive discrimination against the Anglo Saxon population, ruined education and schools for the advantage of corrupt PFI schemes and compounded that disaster with an equivalent NHS hospital, money draining one and now offer us a bleak, energy losing future.

In all of this time, they have held meaningless, whitewash, expensive little gatherings, known as enquiries. These  to ensure any issue likely to embarrass their existence is hushed up. Finally, during this saga of part time attendance, at their place of work, inconveniently interrupting lucrative other sinecures and luxury holidays, they never gave a moments thought to the soldiers dying needlessly in forgotten, unwinnable wars of their rubber stamped approval. Or NHS patients and frail elderly or otherwise vulnerable children and others' deaths, used to manipulate targets. Targets then promulgated by the genocidal Labour/Coalition appointee and crony to justify huge bonuses, pension top ups and jobs for his child bride.

I could spend hours highlighting this organisations' pointless existence and leech sucking enterprises but you will have your own examples. Let us, however, join in considering this final insult to those of us with a brain cell left, in these overcrowded and sick Islands. 

This workforce of self serving wimps, have pretty well handed over all of their work and responsibilities to an unelected, faceless and unpleasant European Commission. Two of whom, only a few days ago, bookended a G8 gathering which had stealthily become a G10 one. Now their expenses bill will have added enormously to the never, ever, signed off, EUSSR accounts, which one day will have to pay the piper or pipers of the Mafia Corporations, who bailed them out in 2008.

So our merry band now rubber stamps trivial laws, justice and freedom raping legislation and self perpetuating bureaucracy, every bit in the image of Nazi socialism. They have signed over our sovereignty and have, to all intents and purposes, made themselves redundant from their part time jobs. Yet we are expected to not only pay them as if none of this has happened but we are to pay them significantly more! I am torn apart by the choice to be made. Weep or laugh, cry with mirth or shed tears of despair.

I guess the good Lord really does have a very strange sense of humour!


  1. Very well said, I can't add anything else you've covered it all. It's absolutely sickening what this lot have done to my once proud country. Thanks to them we no longer have community cohesion, I don't recognise parts of my country it's like a foreign land. I wish we had MPs who had experience in proper jobs like engineers, firemen, doctors etc., who would put us and our country first.

  2. Again Rightie you have spoken for so many of us, you speak real truth from the heart something the corrupt trough feeders that you talk about could never imagine for they are the subjects of and worship at the altar of mammon.

    Money power self gain and buyable gratification are their wants and goals, empty nothing men and women for sale to anyone or anything if the price is right.

    Thankyou for an excellent post.