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Monday, 8 July 2013

Green Scam Scorcher!

Mirth Doesn't Even Come Close.

Beware anything with a Government fingerprint. No, it's not April first but still ranks as one of the funniest pieces of bureaucratic, ignorant stupidity, you will ever find. Those in power and rich as Croesus seem to believe their actions can never be wrong or fall prey to unintended consequences.

Where modern propaganda techniques,bordering on achieving PR scientific credentials, just you see, are concerned, everything can be spirited into line for popular persuasion. This bilge, trotted out this morning, is a fine example of how the spin is manipulated to hide the paedophile evil at the heart of the Establishment. However I wish to dwell more on the fun at their expense rather than the dark nastiness we are controlled by.

There is a growing realisation that the whole AGW, climate change, green attitudes and costly scams are becoming a laughing stock. Just recently I have dwelt on the Met Office little jamboree that forecast decades of cool, wet summers. Now they say it didn't include this year! Strange that, when that meeting on the 18/06/2013, took place under below average temperatures and leaden skies. Such deftness of forked tongue PR, don't you think.

Now we know winter cold kills. The idiots in power, especially the Chatterati scions of the Paedo infested BBC, tell us, every winter freeze, of this fact. Nonetheless, we still forelock tug to the EUSSR and close power stations for lack of green credentials. We waste billions on windmills, abandoned circa two hundred years ago for inadequate reliability. 

No matter, it's only the poor and poverty stricken who will suffer, is their, especially in trade union and Labour circles, attitude. So now we are compounding this abortion of of our energy supplies, happily accepted by the "Meteorological Office" morons, who are cleaning up a large amount of the green energy income from their unpatriotic games and scams. If only we accepted that the weather and climate are variables we may never fully understand. Especially when we seek to shoe horn muddled ideas into computer models.

So, back to the fun stuff. This heat wave is more dangerous if you live in an "eco", green, government designed and crony built house. OR lives under thatch. Cool in summer heat, warm and snug in winter savagery and cold. Now this roofing material has been around virtually since human beings stood on two legs. 

Funny that. All we have learnt is to put both feet in our mouths when it comes to the present day of spoilt, overly rich and selfish behaviour. So as these cretinous lickspittles continue to get it all so laughably wrong, let's enjoy a good guffaw and a chilled beer at their ludicrous existence. Cheers!

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