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Friday, 19 July 2013

Getting Real.

Fracking Interests.

Coal mining never faced this propaganda. As I have posted on recently. When I consider the history of human endeavour I am minded to compare modern self interest as shown by corporate nastiness displayed subtly but visibly identified in this link, featuring Arab and Russian dismay at their devaluation of natural resources and trade in oil and natural gas, respectively.

Albeit the shale gas bonanza, which seems very likely to be beneath our feet, is not everybody's cup of tea, it sure as hell beats wind turbine mincers. It is breathtaking that "environmentalists" rail so vociferously against this new resource, whilst keeping stumm on plans to concrete over the countryside and their destruction of valuable natural balancing mechanisms as we can learn from that link.

That seabed and marine influence is as important as rain forests are in the ecological needs of the planet. Sadly both areas are being pillaged to produce "green" energy and ethanol, plant derivative fuels. All without a murmur from the anti-fracking lobby funded by those who fear the competition.

When I consider all of these fascinating squabbles I am minded to smile. None of the lobbyists have any interest in the overall potential value of new energy supplies to those who need them. Now it is debatable whether UK reserves of shale gas will be any more helpful to energy consumers and we little people but there's always a chance.

It will be disappointing for anyone in lovely countryside to see new mining grow up around them. Even so we can point at the ugliness of the coal mining era and marvel at how quickly it recovered from the vast slurry and coal waste heaps of yesteryear. Furthermore there will be less personal danger and even cruelty involved in the modern recovery of these reserves when compared again to the dreadful coal mining practices still scarring lives and villages.

So I will close with the news today that Georgie Boy is offering generous tax breaks to help us tell the Oil Barons that in all politeness hey can "frack" off or work alongside an industry which may yet, as did North ea oil, save us from the profligacy and stupidity of Labour vote buying profligacy. We can but hope but for once and in a rare moment of madness, I applaud a senior politician. Good onya George! 

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